How does an electric hand fan work?

Christiana Goodwin asked a question: How does an electric hand fan work?
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  • How does an electric fan work? Electric fans are usually quite simple in their design. They are comprised of an electric motor that powers the movement of the fan blades via a shaft. The motor will usually have different speed settings and electric fans can also come in various shapes, sizes, and models.

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All the electricity that is driving the fan turns directly into heat. So a fan does not cool the room at all. What a fan does is create a wind chill effect. When weatherpeople talk about wind chill on a cold winter day, what they are referring to is how the wind increases convective heat loss (see How Thermoses Work for details on convection).

A fan, or a breeze, helps by replacing this hot, humid air with cooler, drier air that allows for more evaporation. Similarly, even without sweat, our body loses heat to the surrounding air simply...

Turn the pin on the front of the fan with your hand to see if it rotates. Use your hand to try turning the pin in the middle of the fan. If it’s sticking or resisting, the pin probably just needs lubrication. Over time, the lubricant on the pin wears down as the fan blades rotate.

The cooling fan
To cool off the motor, a cooling fan is added. It rotates together with the shaft of the motor. The fan extracts coolair and blows it on the hot motor.
18. The cooling fan - connections
The cooling fan is attached to the shaft with a ball bearing.
19. The gears
  • Worm drive: worm and 2worm gears.

    Electric Fans As the name suggests, electric fans are powered by your vehicle’s electrical system. Although they will place an additional draw on the electrical system, they are a more efficient alternative to mechanical fans and don’t cause the dreaded parasitic horsepower loss. Here are a few other advantages of electric fans:

    auto electric cooling fan WIRING how to DIY - YouTube. auto electric cooling fan WIRING how to DIY. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly ...

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