How do you treat tear gas in the eye?

Donald Stoltenberg asked a question: How do you treat tear gas in the eye?
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How to treat pepper spray & tear gas

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Soak a washcloth in cold whole milk. – Close your eyes and gently place the soaked washcloth over your closed eyes. Preventative measures can be taken if contact with pepper spray or tear gas occurs. These measures may not fully protect from harmful effects but may decrease the exposure and lighten the symptoms.

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The effects of tear gas

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Some common ways to remediate the symptoms of tear gas exposure include: Flushing your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, be sure to remove them before you begin rinsing your eyes. Once your contacts are removed, tilt your head to the side (towards the eye that you are going to flush) and allow cool water to stream from the inside corner of the eye to the outside.

After the vitreous is removed, your doctor may treat the retina with photocoagulation or cryotherapy to seal the tear. The surgeon then injects intraocular gas to replace the vitreous gel and to gently push the retina against the back of the eye. As you heal, the gas is spontaneously absorbed and disappears within two to six weeks.

Surgery called vitrectomy is the best way to treat a macular hole. Your ophthalmologist removes the vitreous that is pulling on your macula. Then he or she puts a gas bubble inside the eye. This bubble helps flatten the macular hole and hold it in place while your eye heals. The gas bubble slowly goes away on its own.

According to the CDC, prolonged exposure to tear gas can cause eye problems like scarring, glaucoma, and cataracts, as well as breathing problems like asthma.One 2014 survey of people who had been ...

HOW TO TREAT PEPPER SPRAY & TEAR GAS - YouTube A simple mixture of 50% antacid + 50% water relieves the effect of those chemicals in your eyes. From this summer's Action Skill Share event.For the...

Your ophthalmologist removes the vitreous pulling on the retina. The vitreous will be replaced with an air, gas, or oil bubble. The bubble pushes the retina into place so it can heal properly. If an oil bubble is used, your ophthalmologist will remove it a few months later.

Treatment and prognosis If a retinal tear is diagnosed promptly before it progresses to retinal detachment, the prognosis is extremely good. Retinal tears are typically treated with laser or a freezing procedure (cryotherapy). Treatment is performed in an office setting and is very effective and quite safe.

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