How do you mount a gas canister on a motorcycle?

Leatha Roob asked a question: How do you mount a gas canister on a motorcycle?
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Mounting an extra fuel or gas tank on a motorcycle

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  • The mounting brackets must be bolted to your motorcycle either on a hard pannier or top case or on a rear rack. But, there is an L-shaped bracket that’s available giving you more options for mounting location. The spinning mounts that hold the canister in place, come in regular and deluxe, the deluxe mount includes a lock to prevent theft.

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Option Four: Attachable Side Mount Fuel Canisters. Another option for those who need a smaller amount of fuel at their disposal is portable gas canisters. While no doubt on the less substantial side, this option works very well for bikers who don't travel extensive distances and have side mounts already on their bikes.

Roto Pax and other manufacturers make cans in a wide range of sizes and designs mounting solutions that can be adapted to motorcycles. Still, storing that extra gas can be dangerous if not done properly. Recently, we discovered Magic Tank a fuel substitute that eliminates much of the danger associated with storing fuel. In fact, containers of Magic Tank can be safely shipped for home delivery by shippers like UPS and FedEx.

Some people use one canister for oil storage (especially long-distance adventure riders) and another canister for fuel storage. Mark these properly so you don’t mix them up in the middle of nowhere. Refill your bike from your canister first. There is a temptation to just keep filling up your adventure bike endlessly without touching your auxiliary fuel tank, storage bag or canister.

1. Drain the gas tank. If you bought the tank on-line as I did, this step is already done, or at least we hope it was! If you are removing a tank from a donor bike, the gas may be old. A great use for this gas is to mix it with your lawnmower gas. Your lawnmower will run on any old contaminated gas. If you don't have a lawnmower, find a friend who does.

Moreover, you can choose from various brackets to reliably mount a reservoir, measuring cups for mixing fuel with motor oil or additives, fuel hoses, funnels, jug vents, and other accessories. A special category includes plastic auxiliary fuel tanks that allow for tuning the engine and fuel system while the stock tank is taken off the motorcycle.

You can use a TOOL TUBE or MANUAL CANISTER for tractors, these range in price from about $5.50 to over $50, depending upon where you buy them from and how they are marketed. Tractor supply places sell them cheap, specialty places sell the exact same thing for a lot more $$$. A Primus or MSR 30 to 33 ounce fuel bottle will fit inside these things.

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If you choose to mount it on a side pannier, it’s smart to make sure you either, mount a second container (possibly for water) on the opposite side or at least load the opposite pannier so that it balances out the weight. Also, if you mount it on top of a hard top-case, you are adding weight that is up high, raising your center of gravity. This will affect your riding, especially if you’re riding off-road where technical riding skills come into play.

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