How do you get electric elixir in zelda?

Nicholas Cartwright asked a question: How do you get electric elixir in zelda?
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Link can brew one by Cooking either a Electric Darner or a Thunderwing Butterfly with any monster or Guardian Parts.

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How to Get Electro Elixir How to Make Electro Elixir. The easiest way to come by Elixirs, by far, is to make them yourself. As you journey through Hyrule, you will no doubt gather large amounts of Monster Drops and Items, so use these to craft the potions you need. How to Make Elixirs. Trade Beetles with Beedle

Before parting at Inogo Bridge, Sidon will gift Link an Electro Elixir to show his faith in him. He notes that they have no effect on Zora, which he theorizes is due to them being made for Hylians. Electro Elixirs can be made by Cooking any of the following critters with Monster Parts in a Cooking Pot: Electric Darner; Thunderwing Butterfly

By cooking critters with monster parts, Link can create powerful elixirs that give a boost for a few minutes, just long enough to battle with a monster, climb a mountain, survive in intense...

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, crafting elixirs is identical to cooking food. All you’ve got to do is hold the essential ingredients, and drop them in a metal bowl sizzling over an open flame. When it comes to crafting elixirs, there are two types of ingredients necessary: Critters (like butterflies, frogs, and lizards)

Zelda Breath of the Wild | How to Cook Lynel Elixir recipes to sell for LOTS of Rupees - (HIGHLY PROFITABLE)This video shows you how to cook THREE highly exp...

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