How do i know if my central heat is gas or electric?

Sofia Kassulke asked a question: How do i know if my central heat is gas or electric?
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A gas heat exchanger uses a burner to produce heat. There's usually a small window located on the front of the heater. Look in the window. If you see a blue flame, it's a gas heat exchanger.

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The fuel to produce the hot air/water can be anything. Natural gas and oil are common in the US, but LP, wood, coal, heat pumps are also used. The one exception to the rule of the heat being generated in one place would be radiant electric baseboard heat is usually considered central heat even though the heat is generated in each room. 2.3K views

Q: “How do I know if my heater is gas or electric?” One sure way is to look at it. A gas heater will have safety and lighting instructions. An electric heater has no lighting instructions. And a chimney or vent (3–4 “ diameter) from the top. If you see none of those things, it is likely it is not a gas heater.

During setup, your thermostat will ask what type of system you have and the type of fuel it uses. It’s important that you enter the correct system information during thermostat setup. Note: If your...

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