How do i get the gas analyzer tarkov factory?

Fausto Denesik asked a question: How do i get the gas analyzer tarkov factory?
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Gas analyzer locations

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While gas analyzers have a chance to spawn in the pumping station on Factory, as suggested by the Therapist, they are much more common to find on the map Interchange. The OLI store as well as the smaller electronics stores will sometimes even yield you multiple gas analyzers in a single raid.

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The best way to get gas analyzers in escape from tarkov…

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Its an easy way to get gas analyzers and farm them. Come by ... I'll show you how i farm gas analyzers and the route i take to usually find at least one a raid.

Factory. On the table of Pumping Station; All these locations are those areas where you can easily get the gas analyzer. It can help you to collect multiple analyzers for the betterment of your surroundings in Escape from Tarkov. If you prefer to visit the above locations, then you will get the item that you want. Wrap It Up

Gas Analyzers Spawns on Interchange. Interchange is a great place to look for many junk items, and as such that means that Gas Analyzers should be there somewhere. Here are the locations that you might find some on the map. Inside the OLI store. Inside the Techlight Store. Inside the Power Plant.

You will need a total of 3 Gas Ans and they need to be marked “found in raid”. Other than the quest requirement, you can also barter it to traders. The Therapist will trade a Grizzly First Aid Kit for a Gas Analyzer and an Ultraviolet Lamp. Peacekeeper will give you a 30-round MP9 magazine for one Gas An. You can get a Gas An (not found in raid) from Mechanic by trading a CPU Fan.

level 1. RoKa89ARG. · 3y. you can find it anywhere, i found mine in the red bags. 1. level 1. tmonz. · 3y. They are supposed to spawn in the locked pumping station but I've never seen one there, I found one on the shelf next to breach room where guns usually spawn the other day.

Go Interchange OLI -> check OLi shelves -> get to the nearest Tech shop, look in the shelves -> move up the nearest stairs -> go into tech store, look at shelves -> go downstairs -> head straight in and on your right is the next tech store. Do this 3 times and you got enough gas an's to smell golums farts in middle earth!

Gas analyzer + x1 Screwdriver → Workbench level 1 48 minutes → x2 Printed circuit board; x1 Gas analyzer + x1 Wires + x1 Capacitors + x1 AA Battery → Workbench level 2 1 h 32 min → x1 Geiger-Muller counter

If you really want one that bad you can just hatchet into factory and check the filing cabinets over and over and stick the counter in your gamma when you find one. You can also check fence over and over but i found that kind of boring and also not as effective, but i've had friends who get quite lucky. Hope this helps

Sports bags are the best way to find Gas Analyzer Tarkov because there are loads everywhere with the same map. Tool boxes. They are also a good idea to get a gas analyzer, especially in IDM, in the back of Goshen, and in the back of OLI, the player could find many toolboxes.

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