How do gas bottle indicators work?

Eliane Rempel asked a question: How do gas bottle indicators work?
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Level indicator for gas cylinders

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It works by changing colour with temperature, the faster you use gas the bigger the temperature difference the clearer the level then shows. That's why caravanners think their useless as we just don't use gas fast enough.

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Why you need a gas level indicator and how to use it

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Within seconds, the universal GASLEVEL® from Gaslock displays the fill levels in standard commercial5 kg, 11 kg and 33 kg propane gas cylinders. Simply stick...

The level indicator is usually a temperature sensitive strip that attaches to the side of the cylinder magnetically. When you take propane out of the tank heat is needed to convert the liquid to a gas. As a result, the tank temperature decreases…

How to Check Gas Bottle Level – Gas Bottle Level Indicator – How to Tell How Full a Gas Bottle Is Ideally, a gas appliance is in use. Carefully pour the hot water down the side of the gas bottle. Feel the gas bottle from the top down. The steel will feel warm until you get to the gas bottle level, where it feels cooler. The gas bottle level is at the level where the temperature changes ...

As the gas is used it gets cold and the strip has to be fitted low down on the cylinder. The indicator shows the hot/cold tide line. It therefore needs to be looked at during gas use and when the liquid to gas conversion is working.

What is a Gas Bottle Level Indicator? ... Many people wonder ‘do magnetic gas level indicators work?’ We can only tell you what we’ve read. That it’s hit and miss, and you need to hunt for a good quality product. Fortunately, judging by the reviews, this Sound Vision magnetic gas level indicator works a treat…for most people…

All use a visual indicator to show you when a gas bottle is empty and it has switched over to the other gas bottle. The indicator typically turns red when the first bottle is empty. Whilst it still has gas it will typically be green or white (as shown in the accompanying picture). Do not touch or turn the indicator.

One bottle (primary) provides the main supply and the other (reserve) is a backup that provides extra gas when required. When the primary bottle is empty, the regulator changes over to the reserve bottle and the indicator turns red. You need to check the indicator on a regular basis to see if it is empty.

3) Magnetic gas bottle level indicator. CLICK FOR MORE INFO. We have purchased on of these from eBay to test, they don’t cost much. They apparently work my measuring the temperature of the gas bottle whilst it is being used. As the gas bottle is used, the liquid turns to gas and the gas cools the bottle more than the liquid.

Gas bottle level monitor SmartSense takes the guess work out of the question. Download SmartSense app, synchronise the sensor and attach it to the bottom of the gas cylinder. Now you can get an exact answer – right on your smartphone! Setup the size of your gas bottle or choose from the standard Australian gas bottle sizes.

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How much gas is left in the gas bottle? use smartsense for…