How big is a sea-doo gas tank?

Myrtis Jerde asked a question: How big is a sea-doo gas tank?
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As there are several models on the market; the Sea-Doo, WaveRunner and Jet Ski gas tank sizes vary widely. The tank capacities start as low as 4.8 gallons and go up to 20.6 gallons, with the average being 15 gallons. If you ride your PWC on full throttle, you can empty your tank in 1-2 hours depending on the model.

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Sea-Doo Gas Tank Sizes Sea-Doo gas tank sizes start from 7.9 gallons, and you can find ...

13 Jet Ski Gas Tank Sizes 1. Sea-Doo Spark . You can purchase the Sea-Doo spark for $5,400. The fuel capacity for this model is 7.9 US gal / 30 L. 2. Sea-Doo Spark Trixx. This Sea-Doo model can be purchased for $7,500. The fuel capacity for this model is 7.9 US gallons / 30 L. 3. Yamaha WaveRunner EX Sport

Since the ST3 platform was first released, a lot of gripes about fuel consumption sprung up. Yet, when Sea-Doo released the 2019 Fish Pro this year with a 18.5 gallon fuel tank and many asked, “Can that tank be retrofitted into all ST3 models (both 2018 and 2019)?” The answer is yes! But with some slight modification, of course.

Using base price of $3/gal for gas, I estimated fuel/oil costs as follows: Sea Doo 2 stroke (non-DI) = $3.60/gal using $25/gal Sea Doo oil at 50:1 Sea Doo 2 stroke 787 RFI = $3.50/gal using $35/gal Sea Doo synthetic oil Sea Doo 2 stroke 947 DI = $3.65/gal using $35/gal Sea Doo synthetic oil

The largest jet ski gas tanks hold around 20 gallons of gas and will last much longer on the water than the small recreational jet skis that only hold around 8 gallons. One of Sea-Doo’s biggest gas tanks is on their GTX Limited 300 .

Sea-Doo’s fuel consumption always depends on several factors. As a rule of thumb, more performance means higher gas consumption, so it means the lowest-performance Sea-Doos use around 2 -10 gallons, while the high-end supercharged Sea-Doos use somewhere between 5-25 gallons of gas every single hour.

Well-Known Member. Mar 5, 2015. #2. 15 gallons. not sure what the reserve is. depending how it is ridden 7 gal for 2 hrs is about right. i think it eats around 10 gal an hr wot. yep the new gas can nozzles suck big time. get one from a power sports place. Last edited by a moderator: Mar 5, 2015.

There is plenty of room to make a larger tank, just look in the front of the ski with the top off...Take a look at what this guy fit in there..............

The big four strokes arent bad on gas at all...I can ride my 750 2 stroke sea doo, all day on 2 tanks of gas, thas some WFO and some cruising, thats about 10-12 gal a day...SeaDoo has been speed king with the 215 hp supercharged RXP, that is until last month when Kawasaki debuted their new 250 HP ski, supposed to be a nice ride and super fast...The SD runs about 67-70 stock...

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