Heat pump vs natural gas?

Luisa Schmitt asked a question: Heat pump vs natural gas?
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Don't heat pumps cost more to run than furnaces?

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Unlike furnaces fueled by natural gas or oil, heat pumps don't emit carbon dioxide, though the electricity they run on may involve carbon emissions. And the all-electric technology has improved considerably over the past decade, making heat pumps a viable alternative to traditional fuel-burning furnaces.

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Quick temperature comparison of heat pump vs natural gas…

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Therefore, a typical air-source electric heat pump tends to operate more efficiently than a gas furnace. Nearly all of the electricity that’s consumed is used to warm your home, though the cost of operation will depend in large part on the price of electricity vs. the price of gas. Air-Source Heat Pumps Perform Well in Moderate Winters

Some 37% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from demand for heat (of which 17% is space heating and 4% hot water), which is mostly met by burning natural gas.² The typical emissions from a gas boiler are 226g/kWh, which add up to 2.7 tonnes per year for an average house.

Gas heat pumps, also called absorption heat pumps, run on a natural gas engine. Gas heat pumps differ from electric heat pumps in these ways: They don’t use refrigerants like electric heat pumps. Gas energy can be less wasteful than electric heat pumps if you live in an area where natural gas is affordable. Like electric heat pumps, they’re more efficient than furnaces in temperate climates. Mini-Split or Ductless Pumps. No ducts? No problem.

Heat pumps decrease more than just your electricity bills. Data sourced from the Renew hot water booklet. As seen in the chart, the emissions from gas heaters are nearly equivalent to those from heat pumps (about 1.6 tonnes each). However, this doesn’t mean that gas heaters are as sustainable.

Myth #5 – A gas furnace is cheaper than a heat pump It can be cheaper to heat a home with natural gas in a colder region but not in a warmer region. The upfront cost for installing a heat pump is usually cheaper than the cost to install a furnace.

This tool focuses on operating cost of heat pumps vs natural gas. This tool is unbiased. It shows that certain air source heat pumps included in the model are three times as expensive to operate, on a per-BTU basis, than a natural gas furnace or boiler. On the other hand, it shows other heat pumps are cheaper than natural gas furnaces or boilers.

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