Gripe water and gas drops?

Brian Green asked a question: Gripe water and gas drops?
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Gripe water vs gas drops… everything you need to know!

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Little Remedies® Gripe Water is an herbal supplement containing ginger and fennel seed extract both of which may help calm your baby's tummy as well as helping relieve hiccups. We recommend trying Little Remedies® Gas Relief Drops if your baby is just gassy and see how they respond.

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Gas Relief Drops assist the baby in kicking up all the upset air in the tummy caused by crying. Gripe Water also aids in burping and uses the active components of ginger and fennel to help ease the baby’s belly discomfort. The two combined ease flatulence and ensure prolonged comfort by calming the baby’s belly. Organic gas drops for infants

If a baby’s symptoms seem to stem more from gas pain, then gas drops might be more effective. If a baby appears in more general discomfort, gripe water might be the better option. However, there ...

Mylicon Gas Drops are an FDA approved medication, whereas gripe water is considered a natural herbal remedy. Mylicon’s active ingredient is a simethicone, which works by breaking down the surface of gas bubbles.

So what about gas drops? As opposed to Gripe Water, which has lots of ingredients that all address different types of intestinal issues, gas drops have one active ingredient: Simethicone. The biggest name brand is Mylicon. Simethicone is an anti-foaming agent. Basically, it helps break up large bubble of gas into lots of smaller bubbles.

In addition to using Gripe Water or Gas Drops to treat colic, there are other steps you can take at home to treat your babys symptoms. Though food sensitivities are rare in infants, some moms report that reducing their intake of certain foods while breast-feeding helps with symptoms of colic.

Gripe water is an alternative medicine commonly used to treat upset stomach, gas, and sometimes colic. It is composed of dill seed Whether to give gripe water or gas drops is a very common question us pediatric nurses are asked.

Choosing between gripe water and gas drops can be difficult because neither treatment has been proven to treat colic. Also, introducing any new medication to your baby could cause an allergic ...

The two products together can be especially useful to babies who have been crying incessantly. The Gas Relief drops help baby to burp up all the churned up air in the stomach from bouts of crying. Gripe Water likewise aids burping and helps soothe baby’s tummy distress with the ginger and fennel ingredients. The two together relieve gas pains and provide longer lasting relief by soothing baby’s tummy.

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Homemade gripe water to relieve colic, wind and gas