Gas tank swap?

Dovie Hauck asked a question: Gas tank swap?
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Video answer: F-150 gas tank swap! 23 to 36 gallon tank swap!

F-150 gas tank swap! 23 to 36 gallon tank swap!

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  • Once the gas is used up and the tank is empty, you have two options: You can have the tank refilled (a cheaper option) or you can swap the empty tank for a full one (a more expensive option), perhaps at the same retailer where you purchased the original. So is there an advantage to one option over the other? Advantages of Propane Tank Exchange

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F150 fuel tank swap

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This is simply the reverse of removal. Raise the new tank up, and start with the filler neck. Then connect the electrical connectors and any fuel connections you haven't already hooked up to the pump. Then lift the tank the rest of the way with a jack, connect the two fittings at the front of the tank to the rest of the fuel system.

My memory card was corrupted and I lost about 1/2 of the videos I had recorded for this project, so if it seems abbreviated, I apologize.Swapping from the 23...

Check the condition of the rubber hoses (vent lines and gas feed line to the tank (replace if needed) Also a good time to blow out the gas feed line with some compressed air or replace if corroded; remove other end of metal fuel line at the fuel pump if you do this) Replacement is the opposite of the previous steps.

The reason (for me) for a tank swap is pretty simple. When towing a camper, the truck will net between 8 and 11 mpg. I've already experienced in a different vehicle the difficulty a small gas tank causes when towing long distances. I think most folks who tow on a regular basis would confirm that a larger fuel tank is a benefit.

This coming weekend I plan to start my gas tank swap, removing the dual saddle tanks in favor of a 28 gallon blazer gas tank. I am hoping to get some good pictures of this. Keep checking back to see how it comes out. The following link is a site that I found from someone that has done this already. So I hope to use some of these tips when doing mine.

PART NUMBER: 90119-A0249 BOLT, W/WASHER (Buy 3 to replace all the tank strap bolts) PART NUMBER: 77606-0C040 Protector Sub-Assy, Fuel Tank, NO.1 (Skid for tank, you can opt out and buy aftermarket skid) PART NUMBER: 510380C040 Member Sub-Assy, Fuel Tank Support Optional parts : PART NUMBER: 77697-0C050 Insulator, Fuel Tank Heat, NO.1

2019 Ram 1500 Billet Silver Laramie Quad Cab 2WD, 5.7 Hemi, 8HP75, 3.21 axle, 33 gallon fuel tank, factory dual exhaust, 18” wheels. Build date: 03 June 2018. Now at: 044780 miles.

72 C10 rear gas tank mounted. Parts used..87-90 wrangler efi tank94 s10 Blazer sending unit fg03aKemso high flow pumpEarl fittings 9894dbherlEarl fittings 98...

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94-96 impala ss / caprice tank