Gas meter outside house?

Laurine Connelly asked a question: Gas meter outside house?
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The gas line and gas meter in your home

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  • Since the basement would become habitable space, by code, the gas meter has to be moved to the exterior of the house for safety. Of course, it would also open up a lot of space too – since the meter is a big bulky thing to have sticking out from the wall.

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How to turn off and on your gas at the meter

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If you have a gas meter inside the home and are hoping to carry out some building work, such as remodelling or extension, moving your gas meter and pipes outside may be easier for you. How long does it take to move my gas meter? We aim to complete all work at your property within 6-8 weeks of you accepting our quote.

Gas meter location: gas meters are located outdoors except when special permission is given by the gas company. Indoor gas meters increase the risk of an indoor gas leak, require special venting, and can make it more dangerous to shut off gas in an emergency.

The main shut off valve is also known as the street-side valve. For safety’s sake, utility companies usually prefer you not shut the gas off at the street-side valve. Rather, shut the gas off at the house-side valve. The house-side valve is usually located near where the line first enters the house. Can gas line run through chimney

It can be a clear sign of a gas leak outside the house. If you see any blue or yellow flame appearing to hover above the ground or coming out from the ground, this is an obvious sign of a gas leak. You should not hesitate anyway when you see this flame.

The plumber should get a plumbing permit for the gas work inside the house – i.e. to move your existing gas line to outside the property, check for leaks, and run a gas pressure test. Once the plumber is done and the work has been inspected, Washington Gas does the rest – i.e. moving the actual meter outside the house, and removing the old pipes attached to the meter from inside the house.

natural gas meter inside the homes to move the meter outside and relight the natural gas appliance pilot lights after the new meter has been relocated. CenterPoint Energy thanks our customers for their patience and cooperation as we work to complete the necessary gas meter work as quickly and effectively as possible. Natural gas meter move process CenterPoint Energy crews remove a natural gas meter

Our gas meter is outside the front of the house. The electricity meter is inside, in a cupboard under the stairs, to the side of the house. They're about 8 metres apart.

Heavy snow can put stress on outdoor gas piping and meters and they should be cleared using a broom (not a shovel). Make sure there’s no snow or ice that could fall from above directly onto the pipes or meter. It is recommended, whenever possible, meters be placed at the gable end of the house or in some other area where it can be protected from

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