Ford 6.0 gas mileage?

Anika Bartell asked a question: Ford 6.0 gas mileage?
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  • The 6.0L is also great for towing, as the torque output is available over a wide power range. Off idle performance is also increased with quick turbo spool times provided by the VGT. The fuel mileage of the 6.0L has always been a positive selling point, getting 16-18 MPG combined and 19-20 MPG highway.

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what is the best fuel mileage yall are getting out of 6.0.....tell me your stories and what you have done to the truck and what tunes if running any? I have a 2006 6.0 cc lwb king ranch on 285/65/18

Men, I recently returned to man-truck-world with the purchase of a new F-350 6.0 auto, 4x4, Crew Cab, DRW with 4.10 gears and cannot express how happy I am. I had a 7.3 Power Stroke that I averaged 17 mpg and was shocked at the first fill-up of my new 6.0 with an average of 14.3 mpg. The...

Ford F-250 Super Duty MPG. 3,868 Ford F-250 Super Du1ies have provided 72.9 million miles of real world fuel economy & MPG data. Click here to view all the Ford F-250 Super Du1ies currently participating in our fuel tracking program.

Highway MPG: 19. highway. 6.2 gal/100mi. 2021 Ford F150 Pickup 2WD FFV 8 cyl, 5.0 L, Automatic (S10) Regular Gasoline.

60 mph test at beginning, 68 mph interstate driving in second half of video, showing what we get for gas milage in our 2011 ford f150 thats has a the 5.0L V8...

2021 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3L L4 GAS Automatic 10 Speed Crew Cab Pickup Added Jun 2021 • 14 Fuel-ups. Property of FrodoSwagginz . 23.8 Avg MPG. Ströhmobile. 2021 Ford Ranger XLT 2,3L L4 GAS Automatic 10 Speed Added May 2021 • 15 Fuel-ups. Property of bigbrig . 28.5 Avg MPG. My Ranger.

You'll also want to make the switch to synthetic or high-quality oil in your truck's transfer case and differential. According to a test conducted by Truck World on a 2004 Ford F-250 equipped with a 6.0 diesel engine, changing over to quality synthetics and high-quality oils/fluids improved gas mileage by 11 percent.

While the 6.0 Powerstroke has earned a name for itself as a problem engine, the low cost and availability of this generation of Superduty pickups have more and more people trying to decide whether to give them a shot or not. So in this series of articles we will be going through a high mileage 6.0 which we have named the Low Dollar Hauler.

View All 2014 Ford E-450 Super Dutys. 2013. 7.4 Avg MPG. 16 Vehicles. 668 Fuel-ups. 151,488 Miles Tracked. View All 2013 Ford E-450 Super Dutys. 2012. 7.7 Avg MPG.

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