Electric vs gas patio heater?

King Metz asked a question: Electric vs gas patio heater?
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Best way to heat a patio| whats better gas or electric heaters?

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  • Electric heaters need an exterior outlet to plug into and electricity is more expensive than gas, so the operating cost is higher. And there are a handful of patio heaters that run on wood pellets. Although more obscure, they’re eco-friendly and generate a lot of heat.

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What patio heater should i use i'm on a bluff gas vs electric?

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Gas Vs. Electric Patio Heaters. Here's a look at each type of heater to help you determine which is the right choice for your patio: Electric Patio Heaters. Electric patio heaters have to be plugged in, so they only work in spaces where an outlet is nearby. That limits where you can put them in your outdoor space.

- Electric patio heaters can be used outdoors or indoors, and can be mounted flush inside flat ceilings. - Natural gas patio heaters cost much less to operate than electric. - Electric patio heaters cost 4x as much to operate (in the San Francisco Bay Area) as gas patio heaters for a similar amount of felt heat.

To get the same BTU from a commercial electric heater you’d need to spend closer to £1,350 on multiple heaters (a Veito Blade 2000 has 9000BTU’s on full power). So we can say that gas heaters have a lower upfront cost in terms of power output vs initial investment. However the gas patio heater will consume approximately 1.25kg of gas per hour.

Gas vs. Electric Patio Heaters. Natural Gas Patio Heaters . Natural Gas patio heaters are great options for homeowners or commercial spaces with a well-ventilated deck or patio space and existing gas lines. Pros of Natural Gas Patio Heaters. Although they may be more expensive upfront, the long-term ownership costs of gas patio heaters are less ...

Electric patio heaters don’t emit any greenhouse gasses or produce carbon emissions. That’s why choosing an electric patio heater is an environmentally-friendly choice. Be careful when using your electric patio heater because it can get extremely hot. Make sure you buy an electric patio heater that has been UL approved and CSA tested.

Differences Between an Electric vs Propane Patio Heater. Electric and propane patio heaters can be found for about $150. Both connect to a power source, and use that power to generate heat. Outdoor propane-powered heaters are cordless, and usually sit on a wheeled base for maximum portability.

Electric Vs Natural Gas Vs Propane For Outdoor Patio Heating Posted: January 08, 2020 at 11:46 AM. 8 minute read | FAQs A quality outdoor living space is an amazing addition to any home. When you have a nice outdoor living and entertaining space, it can make your entire home seem larger as you will have a great place to enjoy a nice meal ...

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Benefits of a natural gas patio heater