Electric trailer brakes has voltage when off?

Bobbie Kuhic asked a question: Electric trailer brakes has voltage when off?
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How Much Voltage Should Be Applied To Brakes on Trailer w/ Electric Brake Controller Your brake controller should be getting 12 volts of power going into the brake controller. The wire that feeds power to the brake controller is the Black wire. You can test this wire by using a multimeter part #PT89ZR.

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When brakes lock up due to controller issues. it is generally both wheels that lock up. Try reducing the brake voltage by adjusting the knobs on the controller to see if the problem goes away. Most controllers need to be manually adjusted to work correctly when the load is removed from the trailer.

Have someone apply the manual override on the brake controller while you use a circuit tester to test the pin on the trailer connector for the trailer brakes. If the light is bright, then you know you are getting full voltage. If you are experiencing poor braking with full voltage, then the issue is likely on the trailer.

SOmeone before me had done that on my truck and it gives you constant voltage going to your brakes because that becomes system ground and it is getting negative voltage constantly through the brakes and then when you hit the brakes it simply shorts voltage to ground on the trailer. I would get a roughly 4 .5v reading as well.

The amount of power coming out of the brake controller depends on the adjustment of the gain on the controller. To test the voltage at the highest gain setting, you will want to sever the Blue wire a few inches from the back of the controller. Then, you will want to test the voltage coming out of brake controller at maximum gain setting.

410 Posts. #11 · Jul 2, 2009 (Edited) Anything less then 8.5 volts with brakes applied to max is a controller fault. I currently have mine out for the same reason, low voltage about 2.7 volts. I have been going crazy for days. I have pulled my trailer apart from the plug to the wheels looking for the problem.

Ask your helper to press and hold the brake pedal while you probe the power wire for each brake. If power is found here when your helper is pressing down on the brake pedal but the brake still does not work, the problem is either failure of the brake electromagnet or the connection of the ground wire to the frame.

The most common electrical problem is low or no voltage and amperage at the brakes. Common causes of this condition are; poor electrical connections, open circuits, insufficient wire size, broken wires, blown fuses (fusing of brakes is not recommended), improperly functioning controllers or resistors.

Caravan Electric Brake Controllers. Most brake controllers will not give full voltage when stationary. They provide zero power when stationary if the brake controller has a proportional braking feature. Advanced proportional braked controllers such as the Tekonsha, use the trailers momentum or vehicle inertia to activate the trailers brake system.

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