Electric grand 80 piano is what piano?

Mozell Hansen asked a question: Electric grand 80 piano is what piano?
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Waves electric grand 80 piano - the definitive guide

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Yamaha piano

Electric Grand 80 is an incredibly accurate sampling – and you won't develop back problems!” “This instrument brings the sound of this classic Yamaha piano in a very realistic and playable way. Great for experimenting with new textures in my mixes.”

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The sounds of | waves electric grand 80 piano

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Classic 80-model Electric Grand Piano. Electric grands are known for their reverberated chords and polished, shiny leads. Since the original piano uses fewer strings per key, it creates a tone that can be more easily mixed into your music compared to traditional acoustic piano.

IMHO, one of the finest electric pianos ever manufactured. Demoed through Yamaha's '80s v... Just finished repairing a vintage Yamaha P-80 Electric Grand Piano.

Electric Grand 80 Piano is described as "a perfect sampling of the legendary 80-model electric grand piano, faithfully sampled from the classic electric grand piano which defined 80s pop, rock and R&B hits by Elton John, George Duke and many others and served electronic music innovators from Vangelis to the present".. Featured on hits by Peter Gabriel, Journey, U2, The Police, Herbie Hancock ...

Electric Grand 80 Piano is available now for US $39 (intro price, normally $69.) December 26, 2016 synthhead Software Synthesizers & Samplers, Virtual Instruments electric piano, vangelis, Virtual Instruments, Yamaha, Yamaha CP-80. One thought on ...

In the 1980s, with the advent of the digital piano, the electric grand piano declined in popularity, and production ultimately ceased. The electric grand sound survives as part of the official General MIDI specification, with most instrument manufacturers licensing the CP-70 and/or -80 sound from Yamaha. Notable users

Quick demo of my newly aquired stage piano featuring a new song I'm working on.

Sampled from the classic 80-model electric grand piano; Includes tone controls from the original instrument; Mix section for adding different sampled sounds from the original (key up, mechanics, sustain pedal) Compressor and limiter included; Effects include tremolo, autopan, phaser, chorus, reverb; Can be played as a plugin or a standalone instrument

Electric Grand 80 Piano is a virtual instrument plugin and will appear under the related selection menus for virtual instruments under all supported DAW host applications. Waves Electric Grand 80 Piano also has a standalone application. It uses ASIO (Windows) or Core Audio (Mac) drivers to play through your audio device of choice. Electric Grand 80 Piano receives MIDI data to trigger notes and control changes.

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Dexed vst the best 80s electric piano