Electric field lines are material objects?

Friedrich Roob asked a question: Electric field lines are material objects?
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Remember field lines are not material objects, they are a pictorial representation used to qualitatively describe the electric field. The charges are equal and opposite. The number of field lines leaving the positive charge equals the number of lines terminating on the negative charge.

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1) Electric field lines represent the paths of particles. 2) The electric field is quantized and exists only in certain parts of space. 3) The relative magnitude of the electric field is proportional to the density of the field lines. 4) Electric field lines are material objects.

Electric field lines always extend from a positively-charged object to a negatively-charged object, from a positively-charged object to infinity or from infinity to a negatively-charged object. Electric field lines never cross each other. Electric field lines are most dense around objects with the greatest amount of charges.

The electric field lines should be directed from the positively charged thumbtack to the extremities of the page. Each field line MUST have an arrowhead on it to indicate such directions. All electric field lines should be perpendicular to the surface of the thumbtack at the locations where the lines and the thumbtack meet.

Chapter 4 Electric Fields in Matter 4.1 Polarization: 4.1.1 Dielectrics Most everyday objects belong to one of two large classes: conductors and insulators (or dielectrics) Conductors: Substances contains an “unlimited” supply of charges that are free to move about through the material. Dielectrics : all charges are attached to specific atoms or

Electric field lines: A. are trajectories of a test charge B. are vectors in the direction of the electric field C. form closed loops D. cross each other in the region between two point charges E. are none of the above <3 ∎ Physics ∎ <3

If the material placed in the field of the positive charge is a conductor, the field will be distorted and the method to see the field is the image charges method. It will depend on the boundary conditions. For a grounded conducting sphere. Field lines outside a grounded sphere for a charge placed outside a sphere. For a non grounded conductor:

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