Does voltex really save electricity?



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Of course it's a scam. It's just like all the others that have been debunked. There is no way that some little gimmick you plug into the wall can either regulate voltage or cut your electric bill, It's all smoke and mirrors.

Voltex does not reduce my electricity bill. In fact, it is higher this month after I plugged them in even thought I did not change my usage.

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Does Voltex Power Saver Really Work? The answer to the question is NO. What you should know is this ”There is NO WAY any device of this size can stabilize a home electrical AC supply or produce the savings advertised. Electrical consumption is based on total power consumed and NOT phase corrected VAR.

Answer (1 of 7): Look at the reviews - one person writes - already saved a ton of money and in the same breath says can’t wait for my order to arrive. One rule of caution and I don’t like posting this because then some of the scammers will change their tactics but almost every scammer uses the lo...

And yet again the savings claims were quite extraordinary – 20% -30%! And the costs of having these things installed is ridiculously expensive taken their production costs. Now, I am talking about these ‘ornaments’ as I will call them, being used on domestic and small commercial wet heating systems and not larger wet heating systems.

No, it is a scam, like all the other “magic boxes” that plug in and claim to cut your power bill.

My essay about Voltex has been the most popular post in this blog for half a year now. So many people are eager to save on their electricity bill. It’s sad to see how many put their hopes in this dubious magic box. == Merci d’avoir commenté, Robert. Mon essai sur Voltex est le post le plus populaire de ce blog depuis six mois maintenant.

And phone the Energy Saving Trust for free advice. They really can save you money... especially the elderly... with energy saving tips and government grant schemes such as free draft proofing. They got me a free boiler installed that cost £4500, on a grant, a few years ago and I continue to save on energy by using their tips and advice daily.

This version seen on ebay is sold as a "Home Use Save Electricity Power Energy Saver Device (UK Plug)". I have no idea how this works as it plugs into the ring but the worrying part is the "useful load" of 28KW - or +110 amps.

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