Does having a pool increase your electric bill?

Lewis Homenick asked a question: Does having a pool increase your electric bill?
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A typical backyard swimming pool using a 1100 watt pool pump can add up to 17% to an electricity bill… Working on an average peak electricity tariff of 30 cents per hour, the average pool pump will cost 22.5 - 45 cents per hour to run.

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How much does a pool pump increase your electric bill? Pool Filter Pump Running the typical pump will add 13 to 40 cents to your electricity bill per hour. Do pool pumps use a lot of electricity? Outside of the air conditioner, the pool pump is the largest electricity consumer in the average pool-containing home.

Overall, it is not much of a drastic change in your water bill, but it increases for some time. Also, the water bill is not your only problem. You also need to pay your electric bills, some maintenance like pieces of equipment breaking down, inspection fees, and meeting all compliance from your local municipality. Having the perfect breakdown of expenses can help you monitor all of the aspects in terms of owning a swimming pool.

In most cases, pools significantly increase your electric bill. Thus, it is crucial to devise a way to minimize these costs. One of the significant ways you can do this is by controlling the running of the pool pump. Avoid leaving your pool pump on for 24 hours, especially if you don’t use your pool regularly.

A lot of the increased cost depends on the age and efficiency of your pump. It makes a huge difference. My pool was down from Fall of 08 till Spring of 09. I had all the equipment replaced with the high efficiency stuff and went with a salt cell instead of chlorine. I didn't notice the difference in my electric bill when I turned the pool back on.

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