Does a large electric potential mean a large electric field?

Blaise Boehm asked a question: Does a large electric potential mean a large electric field?
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How is the potential energy of an electric field defined?

  • So the same principal also applies to the electric field acting on an electric charge. We define the electric potential as the potential energy of a positive test charge divided by the charge q0 of the test charge.

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The electrostatic potential8 V is de ned as the electric potential energy of the body divided by its charge: V = U=q. In terms of electrostatic potential, the work done by the electric eld is W= q V (5) where V = V nal V initial is the potential di erence9. The magnitude of the electric eld can also be determined from Eq. (3) and (5). E= V d cos( ) (6)

Figure 20–3 The electric potential for a constant electric field The electric potential, V, decreases as one moves in the direction of the electric field. In the case shown here, the electric field is constant; as a result, the electric potential decreases uniformly with distance. We have arbitrarily set the potential equal to

We can think of electric potential energy as a field existing in the space around . Potential energy is a scalar quantity, so a potential energy field is a scalar field. It has a magnitude everywhere in space, but does not have direction. (Another example of a scalar field is the temperature everywhere in a room.)

It does not depend on the value of the potential itself. To illustrate this with a crude example, suppose the x component of electric field at a point has a value 5 N/C. This could've been created by a potential difference of 0.005 over a distance of 0.001 i.e. E x ≈ Δ V Δ x 5 = 0.005 0.001. Note that Δ V = 0.005.

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