Does 18th edition make you an electrician?

Gilberto Anderson asked a question: Does 18th edition make you an electrician?
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Please be aware that by holding the 18th edition qualification does not mean you are qualified to work as an electrician.

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Discuss 18th Edition Bonding requirements in the Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations area at

In practice every electrician planning to work in the UK needs to be 18th Edition qualified. You could be a student at college or an experienced electrician updating your qualification from previous editions of the Wiring Regulations. Maybe you have been working for a while and now need the 18th Edition Qualification to get your next job.

Months of anticipation and speculation has come to an end as the 18 th Edition of the IET wiring regulations has now been published.. BS7671:2018 was released on the 1 st July 2018 and will become effective from 1 st January 2019, but the new edition can be used immediately.. There are lots of changes in the 18 th Edition.These include new and revised regulations, new chapters and restructured ...

The 18th Edition course is an essential electrical qualification, suitable for both newcomers to the industry, associate trades and those looking to update their existing qualification. It is also a requirement for anyone interested in joining a competent person part p scheme provider – like NICEIC – and to certify that their installations meet current regulation guidelines.

There have been some small changes to certification used in the latest wiring regulations, the 18th edition. Ultimately this should place no additional costs on Landlords as electricians will just use the correct paperwork. This is where it pays to ensure you are using a registered electrician who you can trust to take care of this for you

To help electricians to prepare for the changes to the 18 th Edition, our team of experts has been out meeting electrical contractors across the UK as part of the innovative ‘Regs Live’ campaign. Following a number of recent trade shows, including ELEX, we’ve identified some of the most commonly asked questions from contractors:

The 18th Edition Exam. The City and Guilds 2382-18 is the qualification which covers the Wiring Regulations for Electrical Installers. The 18th edition exam is a 2 hour 60 question online exam. In order to pass you will need to have about 60% of the questions right.

Please be aware that by holding the 18th edition qualification does not mean you are qualified to work as an electrician. What are the key changes in the 18th Edition? Examples of some of the significant changes in the 18th Edition are listed below: Protection against electric shock – Chapter 41 (Section 411 contains a number of significant changes)

With the 18 th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) now officially released, it’s a crucial time for electrical contractors and electricians to get up to speed with the changes. Essentially electricians now have a six-month period to ensure their house is in order because, from 1st January 2019, they must ensure they’ve achieved full compliance for any installation work designed from 31 st December onwards.

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