Do you pay the same electric bill if you have two meters?

Romaine Smith asked a question: Do you pay the same electric bill if you have two meters?
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  • If you had just one meter, your bill should be the same as the combination of two meters (including the taxes). It would be up to the landlord to do "something" about this if the electric company states this must be done.

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If you have to switch to a prepayment meter because you're in debt to your energy supplier, you will pay off your debt bit by bit at the same time as you pay for the gas and electricity you use....

@kiko_25 - There really is no need for a home using storage heaters to run through two meters, and strictly speaking it shouldn't, for exactly the reason you've hilighted.. The old Economy 7 system of years ago evolved into a single meter arrangement that gave two readings - one for each of the two running periods - and E7 tariffs are still available today.

Prepayment meters for gas and electricity. Prepayment meters require you to top-up before you can use gas and electricity. In the past you had to go to a shop to top-up your card or key, or to buy tokens. You added the credit to your meter by inserting your key, card or tokens into the front of your prepayment meter.

Tampering with your meter is illegaland can be extremely dangerous. If you attempt to slow or stop your meter, your electricity connection may be disconnected and you will have to pay for all of the power you have used. You may also pay additional penalties for tampering. You could also be charged with committing an offense.

You don’t usually have to pay this. Under 'back billing' rules, your supplier shouldn’t bill you for energy you used more than 12 months ago. Check what to do if your supplier tries to overcharge you. Check how to reduce costs if you pay less for electricity at night. If you pay less for electricity at night you’ll have a two rate tariff, often known as ‘Economy 7’.

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