Do we need gas?

Jadon Price asked a question: Do we need gas?
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Can america break its natural gas addiction?

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The petrochemical industry needs natural gas to heat and power its manufacturing plants. But that gas is not just a fuel for energy. It is also a raw material used to make thousands of essential products that we all rely on each day.

It means homes, businesses, cities, manufacturers and others rely on natural gas every single day. Natural gas is a clean-burning source of energy that is used for heating, cooling, electricity generation, creating indispensable materials (such as steel and concrete) and more.

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Why natural gas is so important, part one

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No need to go the gas station and no plugs. All that’s required is low-cost electricity and adequate gas in the tank whenever you have to travel in your car. More and more onboard sensors now provide cars with the ability to tackle the most challenging driving tasks such as modifying cruise speeds to suit traffic situations in real time, emergency stops, and parking.

Always fill your tank with more fuel than you anticipate you would need, especially during winter or when driving through desolate areas or when extreme weather conditions are expected. Formula for fuel amount. If you are using mpg (miles per gallon), then the formula for calculating the total amount of gas needed is: Fuel = Distance / Consumption mpg

Gas filling is not required on planned basis, if you maintain your ac in well condition then upto 7 year there is no need to top up the gas But when cooling effect and suction and discharge pressure differenrtial pressure less than 200PSI then reffing is required.

There isn’t, and even if there was, we would still need gas – as a reliable source of electricity when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow. Andrea Leadsom, Energy and Climate Change Minister, UK Government THE pursuit of shale gas is a fool’s errand when renewables can deliver what’s needed for an energy revolution.

We dont need gas, its just that our economy is so derived on consuming gas that we refuse to switch. There are better and cheaper fuels we could be using right now.

One could argue that Costco doesn’t increase demand for gas but merely takes business away from family-owned gas stations. If that’s true, then economics as we’ve understood it is wrong.

Today we are really pleased to welcome Rob West from Thunder Said Energy to talk about all things related to "Decarbonisation"

The laws of physics, mainly conservation of energy. For the object to move from point A to B we need to derive potential energy and kinetic energy. This comes from fuel energy (chemical energy) converted in the engine. If the object is just going to roll downhill we don't need fuel, the energy is derived from the gravitational field.

"Of course we also need renewable energy sources. At least for the time being, we simply need everything we have. And that includes oil and gas

Why do we often pass gas in the morning? The answer is somewhat obvious: We need to. In fact, throughout the night, the healthy bacteria that work in our gut to help us digest food continue to do their work and create gas.

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