Do probiotics help with smelly gas?

Cordia Herman asked a question: Do probiotics help with smelly gas?
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Smelly farts & gas ? what's your body and gut trying to tell…

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Certain healthy bacteria can actually break down the hydrogen gas that other bacteria produce during digestion. Probiotics are dietary supplements containing these good bacteria. Many people take them to reduce symptoms of digestive upset or to treat chronic conditions like IBS.

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Uncertain: Probiotics may or may not help with "gas". I assume you are referring to passing gas per rectum(flatus). Scientists are just starting to understand t... Read More

Probiotics are a good example of something that works well to treat different types of gastrointestinal discomfort, including gas. Even though probiotics are not known to cure definitively diseases, they are powerful to reduce many gastrointestinal symptoms.

Probiotics for gas: Excess gas is also related to dysbiosis. Addressing dysbiosis with probiotics has been shown to decrease the amount of gas produced in your gut ( 4 ). Probiotics for acid reflux : Acid reflux shows a connection with dysbiosis, as well ( 5 ).

Many inflammatory digestive tract issues can lead to gas and bloating. Probiotics can help by treating or preventing some of these conditions, thus helping soothe the uncomfortable symptoms.

Prebiotics. Combining probiotics with prebiotics may further alleviate your body odor problem. Prebiotics are actually the food source for probiotics and they help to promote probiotic growth and activity, Tannis says 5. Examples of prebiotics include pectin, inulin and beta-glucan.

Lucky for your sense of smell, probiotics are the secret weapon to help stop the stink. Probiotics are microorganisms also known as “good bacteria.” They’re essential for good gut health, and many dog owners see great results when it comes to controlling their pets’ excessive gas.

The short answer is that yes, some people do experience an increased amount of gas/bloating after taking probiotics. When you take probiotics, you’re altering your microbiome. The gut microbiome is the collection of

Probiotics could be a way to lessen abnormal intestinal gas. Flatulence is the most normal thing in the world and is nothing to be ashamed of; however, the reality is that dealing with excessive and smelly gas is no fun at all and often includes unavoidable embarrassment.

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