Do luxury cars need premium gas?

Brandyn Goodwin asked a question: Do luxury cars need premium gas?
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Luxury Cars require premium gas to function at higher fuel efficiency and to maximize their speed and performance. While you could use regular gas in a luxury car, using it long term will cause your engine to experience extra wear and could potentially void your warranty.

Most luxury car makers require (or recommend) premium gas not because they're trying to be difficult but due to the requirements of high performance engines. The car makers maintain that engines that contain a high compression ration benefit from high-octane fuel.

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You might be wondering why if high-octane fuel costs so much, would a luxury or high-performance vehicle require its use. The major difference between premium and regular gasoline, besides the price, is the fact that the high-octane fuel helps clean out the internal engine parts and reduces carbon buildup.

Do all luxury cars require premium gas? No, it depends on the make and model. If you’re not sure about the guidelines for your car, check your owner’s manual. For some luxury vehicles (think BMW and Lexus), premium gas is required on most makes and models; it is not optional. Other auto makers don’t require it but recommend it.

Luxury Cars require premium gas if they will be working harder than usual, such as towing trailers or being driven long distances. If you will be taking a road trip or towing a horse trailer, keep premium in the tank for one refill before your car will be performing the heavy-duty job, and only fill the tank with premium while the engine is working extra hard.

According to Autoblog, some of the most popular luxury vehicles don't require premium gasoline to function properly. Models that require only regular gas for operation include: 2014 Volvo XC90 ...

Most luxury-vehicle owners are accustomed to paying extra for premium fuel, which higher-compression engines often prefer. Still, most engines today can adapt ignition timing to account for...

In fact, nearly every luxury automobile on the market today recommends premium-grade gasoline, but not all. Mercifully some will run just fine on the dregs of a filling station’s fuel cistern....

It's entirely possible that the manufacturer of the car doesn't even recommend premium gas. According to USA Today, some luxury cars from Ford and GM, such as the 2009 Lincoln MKS and the Cadillac STS, have been specifically manufactured to use regular unleaded fuel.

Some luxury cars truly do require premium gas. Those vehicles are high-performance and typically have high-compression engines. Regular gas is less stable under pressure and high heat and can actually ignite before the spark occurs in the cylinder on the compression stroke. This is where the terms “spark knock” and “pinging” come from.

So you’ll want to use premium fuel in a luxury car, right? Not necessarily. Most luxury cars have engine-knock sensors, which means that they won’t allow the engine to knock, even if you put in the wrong type of fuel.

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