Do gas stations sell charging cords?

Ella Shields asked a question: Do gas stations sell charging cords?
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Stop in at any gas station or corner drug store and you'll be sure to find chargers for only a few dollars.

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Rather than buying temporary, risky charging accessories through, say, a gas station, you should invest responsibly in a cord/charger that will last you long-term. MFi cords and chargers do just that. At Experimac Klein, we’re happy to be your guide to Apple accessories, and we prioritize making the buying experience better for every customer. Many of our MFi chargers include a lifetime warranty.

She examined eight off-brand cables from gas stations, a discount store chain, CVS, Walmart and Amazon, and found that six out of eight of the cables did not have the protective chip.

Cord and integrated plug/cord: some may be MFi approved, some may not. Approved ones will work just fine and are generally safe, although probably not the best quality. Non MFi approved cables will probably cause an error message on newer versions of the OS, and may not charge, so a waste of money.

7-11 sells them, I was just there the other day. They sell some nice ones actually.

173. 8. May 28, 2014. #1. The local 7-Eleven stores near me have started to sell iPhone 5/5s lighting charging cords for $4.99. Wondering if anyone on here has used these charging cords. I'm tempted but I don't want to fry my iPhone.

Most everyone is familiar with common cables for USB and HDMI. They're commodities, and are available at big-box computer stores, drug stores and discount shops. USB cables are even sold at gas stations and quickie-type markets. But these low-cost—and usually low-quality—cables can be pretty hard on high-speed signals.

As others have said, EV owners don’t typically charge the way people fill up with gasoline. People tend to plug in at night, and charge at stops on long trips. But if people do want to charge away from home, it wouldn’t make sense to replace a gas...

Is my PEV-charging experience similar to filling up my car at a gas station? In some ways, yes: Like a hose to a gas pump, charging a PEV is plugging an electric cord into an outlet/charger. Like gas stations, there are public charging stations, where you pull off the road and fill up (i.e., charge). In other ways, charging a PEV is different:

A certified cord means that the charger meets Apple’s standards but also won’t damage your iPhone. Check if your lightning cable is certified on Apple’s website or see our cable suggestions below. Buying a lightning cable at a CVS or a gas station generally means it’s not an Apple certified lightning cable.

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