Do electric guitars use capos?

Yazmin Jakubowski asked a question: Do electric guitars use capos?
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  • Long story short, the answer is yes. Just about any capo can be used on both acoustic and electric guitars, without causing any issues or damaging the guitar in any way. The only exception to this comes to classical guitars, where it makes sense to purchase a capo specifically made for classical guitar.

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SPRING/TRIGGER CAPOS These capos use a spring or clip for squeezing the strings. Typically, the spring is for acoustic guitars and the clip for electric guitars. These are the most popular of all the capos because they are inexpensive and easy to use.

It’s one thing to use a capo while practicing, or during a recording session. You’ll often see artists using capos on both acoustic and electric guitars in the studios. Engineers and producers often insist upon this practice, because it’s just plain PRACTICAL. However, on stage, guitarists want to look cool.

The answer is yes. You don’t see it a lot because it is easier to use bar chords on an electric guitar rather than a guitar Capo. Specially engineered electric Capo’s are made to be used on an electric guitar. There are several electric guitar Capos.

Use a capo only if the song requires the use of open strings. A capo gives the guitar a brighter sound. Just place a capo on the neck (especially high on the neck). The guitar will sound more like a mandolin (you know, that teardrop-shaped little stringed instrument that you hear gondoliers play in films set in Italy).

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