Do electric fireplace logs look real?

Sydni Ferry asked a question: Do electric fireplace logs look real?
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Electric fireplaces that feature logs do a great job of simulating a real fire. The logs and embers built into our electric fireplaces are hand molded and hand painted. They produce impressive, realistic flames, a “smoke” effect, as well as a pulsating glowing ember effect.

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The Chambord Electric Fireplace is set with flickering logs that behave in the same manner that real flames would. This deep inner glow is what gives this electric fireplace such a realistic appearance. You can also adjust your flame to create the type of fire that is fitting.

An electric fireplace with no heat logs doesn't give off flame or smoke. However, it's incredible for giving off a realistic fire effect and give a room a romantic ambiance. Acting as an elegant home décor, it suits living spaces from traditional to sophisticated, modern-styled ones.

The logs on our electric fireplace don’t look very realistic, but can look much more realistic on more expensive models Fire Effects One of the most important aspects of how real an electric fireplace looks can be how well it produces the effects of the flames.

The secret to making an electric fireplace look real. The secret to producing such a life-like, and authentic flame effect is starting with a real video of actual fire, from a real fireplace, and holographically projecting that real fire onto an actual log set that sits inside of a firebox, that makes it look like that log is actually burning.

The logs look real – there even is a smoke effect. It’s like you are actually burning logs inside the fireplace. The logs sit on top of a fireplace grate, adding to the realism of the product.

The image below shows what the fake logs look like. The logs and backing screen (where the flames are projected onto) is made of one piece of plastic and isn’t secured to the main unit of the fireplace, and so moves around inside when the fireplace is moved. However, the logs and screen do look very good when the fireplace is turned on.

Electric fireplace log sets. Electric fireplace stoves. Electric fireplace logs are simply a set of fake logs located within a fireplace grate, and unlike electric fireplace inserts don’t come inside a larger unit. Log sets can be placed down on your hearth to give the look of a real fire inside your open fireplace.

As you have probably already noticed, Opti-Myst electric fires look surprisingly real because the steam used in the system. It creates 3-dimensional flames as well as the look of smoke – without causing any harmful emissions. Behind the ceramic logs and grate is a small tank that you fill with water.

Electric fireplace logs help you to enjoy the look and feel of a real log fire in your home without many of the downsides of building, maintaining and cleaning a real fire. Electric fireplace logs don’t produce a real flame but the technology has improved in recent years, meaning that electric fireplace log sets can now produce very realistic flame effects.

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