Do electric cars need transmission fluid?

Mafalda Wunsch asked a question: Do electric cars need transmission fluid?
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  • As a result of this, a transmission system is not needed in an electric car. Instead, an EV will just have a fixed-ratio gearbox which aims to strike the right balance between acceleration and the top-speed. And since there's no transmission, there's no transmission fluid required in an EV either!

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Regular Maintenance Requirements for Electric Cars Battery Coolant. Heat is a tremendous issue for electric cars, just like it is for combustion-engine cars. To manage the... Transmission Fluid. Current Tesla cars (and almost every other EV as well) do not use a transmission, so the same type..…

The parts and services that you will not have to worry about with your electric vehicle are: Oil changes; Replacing spark plugs; Replacing fuel filters; Transmission fluid; Any part that requires motor oil or lubricant in traditional combustion vehicles ; What Your Electric Car Does Need

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