Do electric brakes work on boat trailers?

Madalyn Mraz asked a question: Do electric brakes work on boat trailers?
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The trailer always brakes first, and this positive brake action is safer for downhill driving and quick stops. However, few boat trailers are equipped with electric brakes, but they're used on many RV and utility trailers.

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Yes -- boat trailers can utilize electric brakes. Like the hydraulic counterparts, rust and corrosion is a problem on any brake system. The electrical components are potted so electrical issues are not a problem. It is a simple system and parts are easy to change if necessary.

I’ve heard that electric-over-hydraulic brakes are making inroads into the boat trailer market. Electric-over-hydraulic systems are great for larger boat trailers because they offer the benefit of adjustment and smoother operation — but they are more costly than conventional surge-brake systems.

When the towing vehicle’s brakes are applied, the brake stop light switch activates the cab-mounted controller. A current is then sent back to the drums, energising the high capacity electro–magnets, which pull onto the inner face of the brake drum. Due to the rotation of the drum, the magnets move the lever arm in the same direction.

It is a good practice when using electric brakes on your boat trailer to unplug the trailer connector from the tow vehicle before the brakes reach the water line. This will also help to protect your trailer lighting. Brakes should be selected to match the axle capacity and you'll need both left- and right-hand assemblies.

Traditionally, trailer manufacturers did not use electric brakes on boat trailers because the brake magnet wiring and trailer wiring did not always have the best insulation or water protection. These days, more and more manufacturers are using electric brakes on boat trailers due to improvements in wiring insulation and heat shrink connectors.

But electric over hydraulic brakes on boat trailers are now an option on models built by EZ Loader, Magic Tilt, Pacific Trailers, and Loadmaster, to name just a few. Like a purely hydraulic system, an electric over hydraulic (EOH) braking system is activated whenever the tow vehicle brakes are applied and the trailer surges forward.

Still, due to the now available option of electric over hydraulic brakes on boat trailers, it is safe to say that more people are choosing electric brakes. These brake types come to life when the towing vehicle’s brakes are used, and the trailer moves forward like the standard hydraulic brakes with a marked difference of almost no lagging time because of the electricity powering the brakes.

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