Chainsaw gas cap vent leaking?

Robyn Green asked a question: Chainsaw gas cap vent leaking?
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Video answer: Husqvarna chainsaw fuel cap’s leak

Husqvarna chainsaw fuel cap’s leak

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If the gas cap is still leaking after replacing the gas cap, your problem is probably being caused by a warped or broken fuel tank. Fuel tanks can get warped if they are overheated or come into contact with hot materials. You will likely need to replace the fuel tank unit if it continues to leak.

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Stihl ms170 chainsaw gas leak repair (check this first)

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So there is typically a vent hole of some type in the cap. Normally baffling inside the cap or tank, and the in-coming air itself, will prevent fuel spilling out the vent hole in the cap easily. But, as mentioned, operating the unit in a non-upright position for extended time or overfilling the tank can still cause fuel to work its way out.

The Gas Cap Is Leaking on My Poulan Chainsaw. The gas cap on a Poulan chainsaw covers the tank and keeps gas from spilling while you cut. It is also designed...

Flip the cap upside-down, and inspect the vent hole, which is usually in the middle of the cap on Poulan's chainsaw. If the vent hole is broken, ripped open or clogged, the gas may leak in other areas. Replace the cap, and see if it is still leaking.

Cheap homesteading has found a fix for his Husqvarna chainsaw with a leaking fuel cap. They had the updated fuel cap for a long time but is never New about i...

Plugged Poulan chainsaw fuel vent

The tank vent cap sits on top of the fuel tank and allows these heated gasses to escape. The tank vent cap needs to be cleaned occasionally for the carburetor to work properly. Step 1 Switch the Stihl chainsaw's master control lever into the "Stop" position and set the saw on a flat workbench.

The fuel system in a chainsaw offers many points that can possibly leak gas. The fuel system on a chainsaw begins with the tank. From the tank the gas is suctioned into the carburetor where it mixes with air, then is pumped further into the cylinder where the spark plug ignites the mixture; any excess gas is purged back into the tank.

First it was my 385 leaking out the fuel tank vent. I replaced the white tube part tha goes into the tank. The new one didnt fit tight and still leaked. So I put 2 small Orings on the tube and put it back into the tank. No more leaks. But It went from one saw to another. Now my 346 NE is leaking...

The fuel cap has a vent hole to allow air into the tank as fuel is used. The cap should not leak. I recommend replacing the cap. You had mentioned the cap was hard to thread on to the tank.

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