Can you use mdf around gas fireplace?

Ebba Larkin asked a question: Can you use mdf around gas fireplace?
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Building a diy fireplace surround and mantel

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Put a piece of crown moulding along the juncture of the surround and the bottom of the mantel. You can use paint-grade wood (such as MDF) or finish wood (cherry, maple, oak).

You can use paint-grade wood (such as MDF) or finish wood (cherry, maple, oak). The ends of that piece of moulding should be cut at 45-degree angles. Then, to complete the job, extend the moulding around the bottom of the mantel… This trim should run along the mantel shelf as well.

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How to make a quality fireplace mantel (woodworking plans…

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Re: Mdf around a fireplace? Consult the code for clearance. I would choose poplar or maple if you plan on painting it, without a 2x frame which can move as it ages and would probably contort the MDF. How big is the opening? This one is maple and stained, but I would have done it in maple anyhow were it painted. phil

I just did my fireplace with Frame and Panel Wainscoting and Mantel, I used Ply because I HATE MDF, but in hindsight, MDF might have given a more consistent coat of paint being that Plywood has some inconsistencies in texture. (Yes i did use Cabinet Grade Plywood) So my next adventure for Wainscoting will probably be with MDF.

They can be set to display realistic flames with no heat or adjusted to add warmth to the room with radiant doors and fans. At either setting, the heat is not intense enough to pose a fire danger, so you can safely install wood trim around a gas-powered fireplace.

What are you making your fireplace surround out of? You can use something like marble, wood, metal, or stone. You will need to have on hand the materials that will make up your new surround. Tools. You’ll want the following tools on hand: Two posts; ¾” medium-density fiberboard (MDF) Screw gun and screws; Level; Tape measure; Paint and painting tools; Shims

MDF is probably one of the most common, and features in both our fireplaces and full suites. MDF is great value for money, durable, and - best of all - can be used with all manner of veneers to get a real wood look at a fraction of the price.

When updating or installing a fireplace, redecorating the hearth and surround, or adding a mantel, know the safety rules that reduce the risk for property damage, personal injury or even loss of life. A masonry, metal pre-fab or gas fireplace gets hot -- the surround shouldn't be affected by that heat. Advertisement.

A wooden fire surround must be a minimum of 18 inches or 450 mm away from the side or the top of the woodburner ie a gap all round of 18 inches or 450mm from the stove side to the inside point of a wood surround.

Yes, even fire rated drywall is considered combustible in fireplace world. If you need a non-comb. sheathing, look for an ASTM E-136 rating such as Durock (USG).

5. Use inside, outside corners, capping and 180 beads made of paper embedded with steel. This one step puts you on par with a professional. You get perfect 90 degree finishes instead of using folded paper tape. I’ll add more later and wouldn’t mind some reader tips. Reach me at [email protected] Thanks. Robin Hetherington

Use additional MDF to flank the sides of the fireplace, to create two columns, then another piece across the top. The width of these pieces will vary depending on the dimensions of what you're working with. Add lattice pieces to the front of the hearth. Start by boxing it out (top piece, bottom piece then left piece and right piece).

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