Can you run a gas line through a crawl space?

Armando Jacobi asked a question: Can you run a gas line through a crawl space?
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Gas line under crawl space

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CSST can be run in the same manner as steel pipe. There are certain requirements for protection where CSST is run through walls or floors. As long as it was properly supported, it can be run directly in front of an access point.

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Running csst gas line through walls and floors

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CSST is allowed to be run in lengths longer than 6 feet. (NOT the gray corregated appliance connectors.) You should disconnect one end after you turn off the gas of course and re-route the line through holes drilled in the middle third of the floor joists.

As long as the linesets are properly insulated (as required by the minisplit manufacturer), either location should work. Needless to say, if either your attic or crawl space is accessed by you or by contractors performing maintenance work, it's important that the linesets be installed in a location where they aren't subject to physical abuse.

Often, the most economical way to replace the original plumbing is running PVC, CPVC or PEX tubing through existing walls, ceilings and crawl spaces. While homeowners may fret over running plumbing lines through the ceiling, it is a common practice used to minimize damage during the re-plumb and to keep labor costs lower. Why the Worry?

3. I need to run a gas (LP) line from outside the house to a cooktop in the kitchen. Here's what I think I need to do: drill a hole in the exterior wall and the header (from the attic) of the same wall. connect a 90° joint to Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST), drop it through the hole drilled in the header and fish it through the hole in the ...

Yes, if you run smaller romex under the joist you need to use running boards. One of the manufacturers makes this nice channel that you can run lots of romex in if you have to run a lot. For me, when I need to run romex perpendicular to the joists I usually just run it along the side walls. Just staple it to the sill plate or install stackers there.

Gas flex line in crawl space. Richard_Seay (Richard Seay) February 16, 2006, 1:17pm #1. Inspected a house today that had a flex gas line connected between two metal pipes in crawl space area. Stop valve was also present in crawl space. This was in the gas line supplying the range.

The entrance into the building has to be above grade and then you can pipe down into the crawlspace and run the gas piping. 404.6 Underground penetrations prohibited. Gas piping shall not penetrate building foundation walls at any point below grade.

All nationally-recognized codes (Uniform Plmg/Mech. Code, NFPA 54, International FGC) allow fuel gas lines to be run in framed walls and concealed above-ground building spaces. Unions and valves must be accessible, and pipe other than iron--like copper or CSST-- must be protected by nail guards in places where it is near the face of framing and in danger of being pierced by finish nails, screws, etc.

A ground vapor barrier and insulating the WALLS of the crawl space with rigid foam to a code-minimum R15, caulking & insulating the band joists & foundation sill of the crawlspace, then removing the subfloor batts between the joist is really the right way to go, but if there's no hatch big enough to get sheets of foam-board in there it may have to be a couple inches of closed cell polyurethane instead. (In my own house I ended up cutting a hatch in the common foundation wall from the ...

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Video answer: Running csst gas line through walls and floors

Running csst gas line through walls and floors