Can you pass gas through your urethra?

Shanny McLaughlin asked a question: Can you pass gas through your urethra?
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Your health care provider may suspect bladder fistula if you have difficult urinary tract infections. Other signs are urine smelling or looking like stool or if gas comes out through your urethra when you pee.

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I feel that it is the air passing out from vagina that you are feeling as passing through the urethra. Some women do pass air from vagina and this is normal ( if fistula has been ruled out). Laxity of pelvic floor muscles can be one of the reasons for this. So I advise you to do Kegel exercises daily and see.

You may have a fistula (tract between your urinary tract and vagina or possibly rectum). The only other thing that I could think of would be that you have bacteria in your bladder that are producing gas. Both of these things mean you would have a bladder infection (if gas was able to get from the GI tract or vagina bacteria would also be able to)

passing gas from urethra. For quite some time now, at the end of urinating gas expels from urethra and sometimes have pain. Almost like farting only through urethra.

To have true pneumaturia, your urine must have gas present in it from when it exits your bladder. Bubbles that enter the urine stream while urinating don’t count as pneumaturia.

For the gas emitting from your urethra I would strongly recommend seeing your doctor. He/she will know who to refer you to. I am no expert, just another guy who doesn't mind hearing these little freeps. In fact, I find them amusing and endearing in my lady.

Gas in Urine. Passing gas (air) in the urine, a rare symptom, usually indicates an abnormal opening (fistula) between the urinary tract and the intestine, which normally contains gas. A fistula may be a complication of diverticulitis, other types of intestinal inflammation, an abscess, or cancer.

I have been passing gas through my vagina and urethra during the past 3 months. (not during or after sex) I had a hysterectomy in 2004. There is no doubt as to where this gas is passing through. Sometimes, it really burns in my vagina. I have been surfing the web and see that some doctors blow it off and calls it normal.

Thank you for the query. There are two possibilities of gas in the urine. 1. Diabetes and bacterial infection of the urinary tract. Due to specific bacteria presence in the urine which digest glucose gas is produced (as a part of chemical reaction). You may have frequent urinating, burning while urinating, lower abdominal pain, fever with this issue. 2.

There are numerous causes of gas in the urinary bladder. In the hospital setting by far the most common is the recent placement of an indwelling urinary catheter. Other causes include 1: iatrogenic. indwelling urinary catheter is by far the most common cause; cystoscopy, etc. emphysematous cystitis. intraluminal and intramural gas

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