Can you make your own green gas?

Imani Leffler asked a question: Can you make your own green gas?
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You can literally make your own green gas by buying a 16oz propane tank from your local store (Walmart, Target, Sports Authority, etc), a propane adapter (from an airsoft shop), and pure silicon oil.

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You can use many household organic “waste” materials to produce your own natural gas for cooking, lighting, and space and water heating. This gas, known as “biogas,” can also replace fossil-based natural gas to fuel an engine or an absorption cooling system, such as a gas refrigerator or chiller. Some gasoline engines are designed for or can be modified for use with natural gas ...

Insert the pencils through the cardboard so that the lead is submerged in the liquid, but not touching the bottom or side of the container. Set the cardboard with pencils aside for a moment and add a pinch of salt to the water. You could use table salt, Epsom salt, etc. Replace the cardboard/pencil.

You can produce your own ethanol for an ongoing cost of less than $2 per gallon. If you grow your own corn, you can distill more than 300 gallons of ethanol from 1 acre of corn. If you drive less...

now a lot of airsofters realize green gas is a waste of money and buy custom made adapters for $20 - $30 that allow standard canisters of propane to be used with their guns. i have done the same thing except instead of using CNC machined aluminum my adapter was constructed with off the shelf brass parts. this means all of you could make for very own!

Homemade fuel made from used cooking oil can power any diesel vehicle. Photo by Matthew Flansburg You can rig up an electric water heater into a compact biodiesel reactor for less than $1,000.

No problem, Quinn says. Mix it with gasoline to create E-85. Just put a few gallons of gas in your car, then drive home and top it off with ethanol.

3. Terra Cotta Clay Pot Smoker. A very convincing egg alternative, given its shape, the smoker has a round bottom terracotta pot for lid and a tall conventional terracotta flower pot for base. The video does not really show you how it is all put together and it uses an electric burner instead of charcoal.

Increasing prices, concerns over supplies and suppliers, and environmental worries make the notion of creating your own synthetic gasoline very appealing. It is scientifically possible to create fuel for gasoline powered engines out of materials like wood pellets or organic trash, but the costs, explosive dangers, and specialty equipment and skills needed put such methods beyond the abilities of most people.

First things first, keep it legal. In order to build your own fuel source you will need to have a permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. This permit is called a “Fuel Plant Permit” and is necessary no matter how much gas you plan to produce or how you intend to use it.

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