Can you install your own gas logs?

Magnus Watsica asked a question: Can you install your own gas logs?
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How to install a gas log fireplace

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You should not install gas logs on your own because gas log installation involves obtaining an installation permit and getting a post-installation inspection from a town or city inspector.

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How to install your new gas log set

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Install a gas line. If you were using the fireplace for a wood burning application, you must first install a gas line before you can install gas logs. This step should be completed by a certified professional. Improper installation of the gas line can cause property damage, serious injury, or death.

Gas log installation should only be done by a certified professional. Homeowners should never install their own gas logs unless they have the tools and training to do so. On the other hand, even if you're not installing your own gas logs, that doesn’t mean you can’t be an informed consumer. Here are some frequently asked questions about gas log installation:

Once your burner is connected to your gas line and your grate is installed, you’re ready to install the gas logs. 3. Install the base. Whether it’s embers, rock or glass, you’ll first need to insert a base layer to cover the burner tubes. This base material should come included in your gas log set. 4. Install the gas logs

A few professionals who can perform gas log installations are: HVAC installers (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Licensed plumbers; Chimney sweeps; Fireplace Installers; Installation prices vary, usually running from $200 to $350 for a basic job, but the price tag is well worth it for the peace of mind while supporting your local contractors.

Install the gas logs. Again, be sure to look at your instructions for specifics on how to place your gas logs on your burner and grate. Best Gas Log Sets The cost to replace gas logs varies depending on the size, material, and brand.

When you begin to install the gas piping, it does not mean connecting to the source of gas until it has been pressure tested and inspected. A pressure test simply consists of installing a pressure gauge on one end and adding about 25 lbs of air to your new line with the other end capped or plugged.

Extend your existing gas line by fitting the valves and pipe lengths you need to add a gas line that will reach your new appliance. Coat the threads of the pipe ends using pipe dope. This is essential to establishing an airtight fit. Never use tape, including Teflon tape; it can come loose inside the pipe and can clog the line.

If you go in there and place the logs yourself, just purely based on how it looks, you are unlikely to place them how the manufacturer says they should be. Too many websites out there tell you fake logs are only for “aesthetics” – for a visually pleasing fireplace since you aren’t using any wood.

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