Can you charge your electric car in your garage?

Aurelia Ernser asked a question: Can you charge your electric car in your garage?
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You simply plug the charging cord into a socket in your garage or even outside your home and charge your vehicle's battery that way. New EVs include a Level 1 charging cord compatible with your home's electrical outlets… They mount to the wall, and plug into an existing outlet.

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Depending on which car you buy and the age of your home, the cost of getting the garage prepared for charging an electric car can range from nothing to a few thousand dollars. Since older homes weren’t constructed with electric cars in mind, and many older homes can’t supply enough power to charge them, you may have to rewire the garage. It ...

Your best bet is to install your own charging station in your garage. Know what you’re purchasing. First, you should know the electric “charger” is actually buried inside the vehicle. It takes the AC source from the electrons or “juice” supplied and converts it to DC so your car’s battery pack can be charged.

With competent EVSE, you can fully charge your electric car’s battery pack within four to nine hours, depending on your vehicle model. Steps to Designing Your Garage Space for Electric Car Charging Many electric vehicle buyers prefer to retrofit an existing garage to accommodate a charging station.

An electric outlet in your garage is a necessity if you own an electric car because it’s not always possible to go to a gas station to recharge your car. There is an interesting debate going on between car makers and private owners who are challenging the fact that the best solution, according to the car makers, is to have various outsourced car charging stations.

Having an electrician install an electric car charging station in your home has the potential to increase your home’s value while making it easier for you to keep your electric vehicle running. The popularity of electric vehicles is growing and many people prefer to charge their electric cars at home. Installing a Charging Station Requires […]

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