Can you be an electrician being color blind?

Emelia Morar asked a question: Can you be an electrician being color blind?
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For their own safety and the safety of others, electricians must be able to accurately identify color-coded cables and wires, in variable lighting conditions. Therefore, a person who is color-blind cannot be an electrician.

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Generally speaking these days you can work as an electrician with most forms of colour blindness, including the most common form which is a red / green deficiency. However if you suspect you may be colour blind you must make sure when you come across older coloured wires which are easier to get confused, that you use tools or a work colleague to identify the correct ones.

Originally Answered: Can Color Blind individuals work as Electricians? Yes, they can although they must figure out a way to cope with their particular form of color blindness, such as learning the different shades of gray or using a colored flashlight or filter for situations with bad lighting.

In the case of an electrical engineer or an electrician, being color blind can mean opting out of certain jobs and having to seek other jobs in which color vision or recognition of color is not of as much importance. Defective color vision is a safety problem in this job.

Electricians are able to return to work and ensure their employers that they can be safe and efficient on the job despite being colorblind. If you are in need of treatment for your color blindness, please call (888) 726-0085, or fill out a contact form online !

Engineer. There are multiple types of careers in engineering such as chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering where colored sight is needed. Defective color vision is a safety problem in the engineering industry, thus a CVD test is required in order for you to successfully qualify for the job.

It really depends on the severity of your color blindness. I am partially color blind, and I have a very tough time with different shades of greens and browns. I am able to distinguish between green wire and brown wire though, as they are right in the middle of the color scale. I have been an electrician for over 15 years and never had a problem yet.

Can you be an electrician if Colour blind? If you are training as a domestic installer or funding your own training as an electrician then there is no pre-requisite to take a colour blindness test. However it is recommended that you are aware of any colour blindness issues to help protect you and others.

When you suffer from color blindness you simply cannot become a professional electrician. People might wonder what relationship color blindness has with the work of an electrician and why one cannot become an electrician if they are colorblind. But what you should know is that the work of an electrician has a lot to do with colors.

Therefore, a person who is color-blind cannot be an electrician. Color-blind electricians do exist. Can a red green colorblind person be an electrician? No. For the reasons stated. We had a physical as part of acceptance and had to identify colors on a wheel. If you failed the physical (which a colorblind person would do) you are out.

Daniel Flueck Post author October 3, 2007 at 9:37 pm. Amanda, there are two ways through which you can find an answer on your question. First you can check some pictures, trying to show how it looks like with color blindness.The one which has the least difference to the normal one tells you more about the type of your color blindness.

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