Can oil be turned into natural gas?

Bernadette Sawayn asked a question: Can oil be turned into natural gas?
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Shell – gas to liquids (gtl)

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But the most interesting is the in field conversion of oil to natural gas… The natural process is caused by bacteria that consume the oil, making the oil viscous, or thick, and contaminates it with pollutants such as sulfur.

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Shell makes motor oil from natural gas

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Can I Convert My Oil Furnace to Natural Gas? Many homes in our area still heat their home using oil furnaces, however many of these homeowners are wondering if a different source of heating would be more efficient. The hesitation can be having to completely take one system out and put in a new system and how costly that can be.

An oil well. Crude oil can be refined into gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum products. The vapor is routed through a distillation column. At the bottom, the hydrocarbons with the highest boiling points are caught first on a screen that pulls out the residual, or coke, which is often flashed or burned for energy. The vapor moves up the column, and as it cools, screens along the way catch ...

Turning Natural Gas Into Fuel Just Became Cheaper. The advantages of natural gas over the other two fossil fuels—coal and crude oil—seem to be indisputable when it comes to carbon emissions ...

Th is natural fl ow of oil is called “primary production.” It can go on for days or years. But after a while, an oil reservoir begins to lose pressure. Th e natural oil fl ow begins dropping off and oil companies must use pumps to bring the oil to the surface. It is not uncommon for natural gas to be found along with the petroleum.

Depending on how liquid or gaseous this mixture is, it will turn into either petroleum or natural gas. So how long does this process take?

This can be converted into a number of fuel products, including high-octane gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. The goal for both companies is the same: to tap into natural-gas reserves that are too...

The U.S. Energy Information Agency says that with oil at $100 a barrel, natural gas needs to be priced below $6 per million British thermal units for the process to be economic. But the price...

If Larter can develop the idea into a working process much of the oil in place, or about 4 times the oil already pumped and used could be available in the form of natural gas. It’s an ...

The benefits of natural gas motor oil. Because oil made using GTL technology is free from the contaminants inherent to conventional oils, it generally provides better wear protection, extreme-temperature performance and longevity than conventional oils. Other benefits of making oil using natural gas include….

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How petroleum was formed, its extraction, refining and uses