Can my gas be disconnected?

Jaleel Kautzer asked a question: Can my gas be disconnected?
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Electric, gas, and heating service cannot be disconnected if customer agrees and adheres to payment plan on unpaid bills… Also protections are in place for customers entering payment plans; special notice and links to government assistance agencies.

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natural gas utilities are permitted to disconnect service, including: Failure to pay the bill and the utility company has followed proper disconnection notification procedures and other requirements; Relocated from the premises or requested that service be disconnected; Repairs are needed, including scheduled maintenance, or a

Natural Gas Disconnection Winter Rules. According to the terms and conditions of natural gas distributors, services can't be disconnected between November 1st and April 14th or at any time when the temperature will be below 0 degrees Celsius in the 24-hour period after the proposed disconnection.

The simple answer however disappointing is NO, the regulations regarding a 'gas way' which this is - can only be undertaken by a gas safe engineer, in a nut shell no one can break-in/disconnect a live gas way without the relevant qualification's.

The Gas Network Operator (GNO) is responsible for the gas pipe that comes from the gas main into the property. Some time after your gas has been disconnected, they’ll likely visit your property to check things out, and might decide to disconnect the gas pipe that runs into the house from the gas main in the street.

There are many reasons why you may wish to disconnect your gas supply, ranging from changing fuel type to demolition and reconstruction. The requirements and lead times are site specific and relate to the type of property and gas supply.

If you have a gas supply arrangement with a gas retailer you must arrange temporary disconnection through your gas retailer. For permanent disconnection of your gas service, go to our disconnection page. If you’re not sure who your retailer is or need help with this service, please contact us.

If you no longer need gas at your property, apply online for us to disconnect your gas supply. Start your online application. Before you begin your application to disconnect your gas supply there are some things it's good to know first.

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