Can i use an electric shaver to shave my balls?

Antwon Herman asked a question: Can i use an electric shaver to shave my balls?
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An electric razor is your safest bet. It trims the hair super short without the risk of grabbing or breaking any skin. Before lamenting that this just won't make things as smooth as you long for, remember that scrotum hair is a lot sparser than the dense forest situation that tends to grow on the pubis.

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Electric razors are your best bet to go about shaving your balls. Sure, you can use an old-fashioned, regular razor, but in the end, all you get is irritated and aching bloody skin. Also, this is not a comfortable feeling to carry around all day long. Let us not drag out this subject any longer.

Always make sure to use a separate shaver or trimmer for your face and for shaving your balls due to hygiene purposes. I would recommend using a good body groomer to shave your balls since it’s safer than the manual or straight razor and it comes with different attachments that include a shaver head as well.

I first started out with razors and trimmers then later in life using electric shavers. Razors do gives a clean shave , but you can expect blood to be pouring from your balls ,the reason being is that your testicles skin is not as smooth as the rest of your body so it often times get caught between the razor blades ,also the skin in this area is very tender .

But if you think you can take any electric trimmer to your balls, you’re sorely mistaken! Due to it being such a sensitive area, using the wrong type of trimmer can cause painful cuts and injury. This is why it’s essential to choose a hair trimmer designed specifically made for shaving your balls.

I have a completely different take: Not bragging but the fact is that I have big balls and a Scrotum with a lot of loose skin. No electric shaver works on my balls. I've tried several. They all nick the folds in the skin. Shaving doesn't work well. I can't pull out enough skin to avoid all the folds. Shaving cream is too slippery.

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