Can i refill my calor gas bottle?

Hermina Gerlach asked a question: Can i refill my calor gas bottle?
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How to refill gas bottle from autogas filling point?

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Running on empty, it's time to refill your gas bottle

You can either refill your existing gas bottle through our online shop or by calling your local retailer. If you need a different gas bottle this time, please take a look at the information below about exchanging a bottle and the different categories there are.

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The Cylinder Refill Agreement is effectively a contract between us and you, which outlines that the gas bottle you receive is owned by Calor and safe to use.* So when you’re done with your gas bottle and it’s time for a refill, we’ll take your gas bottle off your hands and send it on its way to be inspected.

Is it Legal to refill standard LPG Calor Propane Bottles? No, it is illegal to refill a standard rented LPG gas bottle. It is also extremely dangerous to attempt to refill standard LPG bottles, potentially leading to injury or even death. If you are caught attempting to refill a standard LPG cylinder your efforts could land you in court.

refilling calor gas ( any branded bottles) is illegal...from a safety reason ( you shouldnt fill over 80%)and because calor could actually take you to court for puting some other brand into their bottle (and they do this quite a bit) .My father was an area manager for BP (LPG) before he retired (10 years ago) and i remember him talking about several cases (the companies do add a chemical or 2 ...

Customers with an empty Calor LPG cylinder should always visit their local retailer to purchase a refill. A full list of retailers in the UK can be found on Calor's handy retailer finder tool. Gas bottles - All you need to know | Calor News

How do I dispose of an empty gas bottle? For safety and legal reasons, it is of utmost importance that customers return their unwanted or empty gas bottles to one of our many Calor Centres across the UK. Non-business customers can get back up to 70% of the original Cylinder Refill Agreement charge if the paperwork is presented. Alternatively, if you don’t have the paperwork, we offer £7.50 for each gas bottle returned at one of our Calor Centres.

If you need to return a gas bottle, have a query about deliveries or want to place an order, please give your local Calor Centre a call. You can find their number below. If you are looking to buy a new gas bottle or get a refill for your existing bottle, you can buy online from our shop, or head to one of our local retailers.

Some LPG providers do have specially designed bottles so that you can refill a cylinder at an Autogas pump but unlike with a Calor cylinder, you purchase the cylinder and it belongs to you, so that you can refill it as and when.

If you'd like to return a gas bottle, buy a new bottle or get a refill, please call your local Calor Centre. Alternatively, you can buy online or from one of our gas bottle retailers near you. We suggest calling ahead of your visit to any retailer to check their opening hours.

:huh: Every time they are exchanged for a refill, Calor does a safety check on the bottles. Chances are that you won't get a new one... ever! Exactly. so get a manky old one and swap for tidy filled one.

Does anyone know where I can get a refill for my repsol calor gas bottle delivered in montechoro... Many thanks..

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