Can i charge my electric car for free?

Kurtis Davis asked a question: Can i charge my electric car for free?
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  • Every car dealer that sells electric cars has at least one charging point and may allow customers to charge for free. In our view, though, that’s far from a realistic proposition.

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All electric car owners are able to use the free chargers. Volkswagen visited Tesco in Potters Bar in the new ID.3 electric car – the first time the model has been seen in the UK since its debut ...

The electricity costs of workplaces charging are often taken on by the employer, which means employees can charge at work for free. In other cases, the employer charges fees to use the charger, but the cost is usually lower than charging at a public charger.

Where to find free electric car chargers. The best place to go if you want to charge your car for free is Scotland, as Transport for Scotland runs many charge points under the ChargePlace Scotland banner, and most of them are free to use (although you do pay a £20 annual fee for the privilege).

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