Can i change my gas furnace to electric?

Elmira Gerhold asked a question: Can i change my gas furnace to electric?
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Gas furnaces cannot be converted to electric systems. A true furnace conversion is designed to keep the primary components of the furnace but change a few smaller parts so a different fuel can be used.

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What are the benefits of electric heating in your home? There are many reasons for switching from gas to electric heating in your homes, the most obvious ones being a more efficient and green choice. By powering your electric heating with renewable energy, you instantly make it a better option from an environmental point of view.

Gas to electric heating is a switch that comes with several advantages. When switching a home from gas to electric heating, the existing gas-fired hot air system is replaced by a new electric furnace or heat pump, using the home’s existing ductwork system. Advantages of switching from gas to electric heating:

Electric furnace installation is a pretty straightforward process and due to them not needing to be vented, they are much easier to replace than gas furnaces. They are also more quiet when operating than a gas furnace. In addition, electric furnaces can last from 20 to 30 years, while a gas furnace usually only lasts 15 to 20 years.

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