Can electric flood lights be converted to solar?

Catharine Bradtke asked a question: Can electric flood lights be converted to solar?
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Can a light fixture be converted to solar?

  • It’s not impossible to convert some outdoor light fixture into solar, but you do need some system elements, apart from the solar panels that are giving you the power. Now that you’re on it, you may want to change the incandescent bulb with some LED bulb. LEDs do give a good amount of illumination, using a fraction of electricity.

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Now, although LED solar flood lights are quite independent (since they don’t rely on electric cables), several factors can affect their performance. These include the sensitivity of the photoelectric cell, LED lights energy requirements, capacity of the battery, the available energy from the sun, and the charging capacity of the solar panel.

If you want to salvage the lights themselves you have lots of options - try to replace the rechargeable battery in the solar bit, or snip the lights off and try to find a DC transformer to attach...

Since the solar lighting device can work by itself after being charged in the sun, we can just attach the solar flood lights on the poles or at the corners of the fence. The solar lighting system is particularly suitable for the tennis courts without poles. Your tennis court will not look so messy thanks to the “wireless” solar lights.

You can use a swag, plug in chandelier. These chandeliers are specifically made so that you can hang fixture from hook on ceiling - and plug into wall outlet. It is also possible to have a chandelier converted to a swag - but you would need to consult professionals on that. There are many styles of swag chandeliers available. You can do a search.

Instead they are powered from a voltage stepup and regulated current circuit that is powered from a solar-charged single 1.2V battery cell. The regulated current lights the LEDs properly at whatever voltage they need. If you apply a 3VDC power supply then either the LEDs will not light, light dimly or burn out.

Why not buy a cheap set of 12volts garden lights, taking them apart completely saving the light sockets with the wiring and the bulbs then installing them to the old solar fixtures. Also keep in mind that the new set of 12volts lightings will include about 100feet of wiring and the new 12volts transformer to plug into your 110amps Electrical outlet.

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