Boat gas gauge not working?

Alexie Block asked a question: Boat gas gauge not working?
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Video answer: How to troubleshoot & fix a boat fuel gauge & fuel sender!

How to troubleshoot & fix a boat fuel gauge & fuel sender!

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There is nothing to fix inside the fuel gauge; it's sealed and not serviceable. If your gauge is good, check the ground at the sender with your multimeter set to ohms. Look for a “no resistance” reading between the ground on the sender and your boat's battery ground. If your ground is bad, fix it.

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Easy fix for your boats gas gauge

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If you are getting power to the gauge and it is still not working, move on to the next step. Move to the fuel tank and locate the wire connectors attached to the fuel level indicator plate. Wiggle the wires and see if the gauge moves. If the gauge does not move, then remove the two wires.

Unlike our cars, a boat’s fuel gauge sees a lot more abuse and is more prone to failure! They see a lot more water and can have corrosion issues, along with, bad and old gas issues for the fuel sender. It is not uncommon to notice that the fuel gauge isn’t reading properly anymore. Why Does My Boat Fuel Gauge Fluctuate?

If your fuel gauge is giving you issues or doesn't read properly here's what the likely culprit is and how to fix it.

If your boat’s fuel gauge is not working, the one thing you’ll want to avoid is being stranded on the water without any fuel in your tank. When it comes to avoiding this issue, we need to make sure that the fuel gauge is operating properly. Typically, there are five main components in your run-of-the-mill analog fuel gauge system:

Testing Boat Analog Fuel Gauge and Boat Fuel Sending Unit. How to determine if your boat's fuel sending unit or fuel gauge is not working. By Kevin Falvey. Updated: January 15, 2020. More How To. How To. Reasons to Keep a Boat Maintenance Log. How To. Icom VHF Radio Tips: How to Make a Radio Check.

Troubleshooting Your Gauge Check for voltage and ground at the gauge by connecting a test light or multimeter (set to DC volts) to the gauge terminals. With the meter’s red wire to the I terminal (positive, ignition) and black to the G terminal (ground), the meter should read at least 12 volts.

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Video answer: How to replace the fuel gauge sending unit on a boat

How to replace the fuel gauge sending unit on a boat