Are there electric bicycles on board crystal debussy?

Judson Senger asked a question: Are there electric bicycles on board crystal debussy?
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Are there any watercraft on the Crystal Debussy?

  • By proceeding, you agree to Cruise Critic’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Those cruisers who enjoy water sports are in luck; Crystal Debussy carries kayaks and personal watercrafts for free passenger use. Electric bicycles are also available for anyone wishing to explore port independently.

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My wife and I went on the 7/16 Crystal Debussy cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. We had an amazing time. River cruises are very different from ocean cruises. Much smaller, more intimate and a great way to meet people. We took part in many of the days' activities which were mostly complementary. Some--like vineyard visits, wine tastings, and gourmet dinners were extra. The food and the service are beyond good. Crystal Cruises knows what they are doing and they are very good at it. Next up: The ...

Crystal Debussy will also be equipped with kayaks and electric bicycles for those who prefer to explore independently… There’s a lot happening next year, with at least 25 ships to debut on ...

In 2018, with both the new Debussy and Ravel launched, the number of itineraries available on the Rhine, Main and Danube jumped to 120 to meet growing demand. THE NEW NEWS... For 2019, Crystal has added even more, shorter itineraries ranging from 7 to 11 days on the Danube, Rhine, Main, bringing the total number of exciting itineraries to 225 curated destinations.

Other amenities include electric bicycles and a tender platform for deploying water toys (crafts, jet skis and kayaks). There is a dip pool on board too There is a dip pool on board too Crystal Debussy was christened in Amsterdam, not at the usual river ship mooring spot but alongside the main deep-sea cruise terminal, a very fitting setting.

Crystal Debussy's 106 passengers can expect luxury-level dining, service and accommodations. Cabins range in size from 220 to 759 square feet and boast walk-in closets and first-in-industry king beds.

Staterooms on board Crystal Debussy. Staterooms available on board the vessel include a two-bedroom Crystal Suite, the River Suite Deluxe, and the Petite Suite, featuring panoramic balcony windows. The 759ft² two-bedroom Crystal Suite is furnished with king-size beds, a bathroom, seating area, and dining table for four guests. The River Suite Deluxe cabins occupy an area of 250ft² and feature a bathroom with double vanities, walk-in wardrobes, American king-size beds, a coffee machine, and ...

Crystal Debussy (2018-built) is one of the top-luxury riverboats (advertised as "river yachts") of Crystal River Cruises - with fleetmates Crystal Bach, Crystal Mahler, Crystal Ravel, and Crystal Mozart.Excepting Mozart, the other 4 riverboats are sisters (same-designed ships) constructed by Lloyd Werft (MV Werften) in Wismar Germany.. Crystal Debussy cruise ship deck plan shows a total of 55 staterooms for 114 passengers (max capacity 169 passengers), served by 85 crew/staff.

90Voyages on Crystal Debussy. With a fleet of all-inclusive, all-suite, butler-serviced ships, discover why Crystal River Cruises is Europe's only true luxury river cruise line. Crystal Mozart More Info Known as "Queen of the Danube," she is the largest and among the most spacious ships on Europe’s rivers.

Crystal Mahler, Bach, Debussy & Ravel. Crystal's 'Rhine Class' vessels offer a welcoming range of lounges and facilities, with spacious and beautifully decorated staterooms. Bach and Debussy offer leisurely journeys on the Rhine and Moselle, whilst Mahler and Ravel operate a varied selection of itineraries on the Rhine, Moselle, Main and Danube. Previous. 1 of 4 Images. Next. What we love . The Crystal River Cruises difference is all in the pace of life - slowed down itineraries, plenty of ...

Crystal Spa also features the first at sea “Quartz Crystal” bed (used on hot-mineral and muscle-release massages). It uses heated quartz sand to reduce pain and tension. MediSpa treatments are performed after private consultations with a licensed medical doctor on the ship. Guests can also attend medical seminars on board (complimentary) on select days during the Crystal Endeavor cruise. All Spa services are available for booking both prior to sailing and on the ship. The starboard ...

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