Are space heaters cheaper than heat pump electric heat?

Jodie Crist asked a question: Are space heaters cheaper than heat pump electric heat?
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  • None — Many of you are going to pay for this record cold on your next power bill, but could you save money by using a space heater rather than central heat. WFTV meteorologist Brian Monahan set up an experiment to find out.

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Ductless heat pumps are just as safe as any HVAC system. In contrast, space heaters are known for being fire hazards. In fact, they cause over 25,000 house fires, 6,000 severe burns and 300 deaths each year. Injuries commonly result from space heaters contacting flammable surfaces in your home, overloading circuits, and harming children and pets.

Heat pumps use electricity but not in the traditional form of electrically-heated coils that warm a room. A heat pump system functions like a fridge, using electricity to move heat from a cool space to a warm area, making the. cool space cooler. as well as also the warm space warmer. The heat pump efficiency factor is pretty high, and heat pumps tend to be more affordable than other kinds of heat.

In the test of the one-bedroom condo, running the space heater for a full eight hours would cost around $2; running central heat would cost around $6.

Space heaters vs Central heat? It’s easy to conclude that using the space heater over the central heat system helps to bring down the energy cost. Of course, the space heaters seem quite capable, but truth be told, they are not always a practical option. It all depends on the situation. The size of the space you want to be warmed up.

Turn your heat pump back on and use the small space heater to maintain comfort. Heat pumps have a COP (coefficient of performance) that allows the heat output to exceed the energy used in accordance with the laws of thermodynamics. The worst COP is 1, which is 100% efficient, and is that of a small infrared quartz heater.

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