Are heat pumps more efficient than electric heat?

Ari Bergnaum asked a question: Are heat pumps more efficient than electric heat?
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In most climates, heat pumps are by far the most energy-efficient heating system. In fact, they can cut electricity use by up to 50% when compared to electric resistive heaters.

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Heat pumps are powered by electricity, so you can save substantially on fuel consumption According to the Department of Energy, properly installed heat pumps can deliver 1 ½ to 3 times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it consumes.

Using this scale, commercial air source heat pump efficiency can be as high as 4, whereas ground source heat pumps can reach up to 5. This means that for every unit of electricity you put in, the heat pumps have the potential to produce 4 and 5 units of heat respectively.

A desuperheater-equipped heat pump can heat water 2 to 3 times more efficiently than an ordinary electric water heater. Another advance in heat pump technology is the scroll compressor, which consists of two spiral-shaped scrolls.

In the case of a heat pump, the fuel is electricity. A toaster or electric baseboard heat has an efficiency of 100%. A heat pump has a higher efficiency— usually in the range of 200% to 300%, although higher efficiencies are possible, especially for well designed ground-source heat-pump systems.

If you have electric (resistive) heat, you should switch to a Heat Pump NOW! ANY brand name heat pump (Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, and many other less known brands) will have 2.5-4 times higher efficiency (also known as COP or “Coefficient of Performance”) than electric baseboards / space heaters.

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