Are electric trains quieter than diesel?

Rhoda Brakus asked a question: Are electric trains quieter than diesel?
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ELECTRIC trains are quieter than diesels, a welcome improvement for people living near rail stations or depots. Electric trains don't pollute the air where they operate, a potential benefit in Cardiff city centre and perhaps Port Talbot (where air quality is a major concern).

Electric trains are better for the environment than diesel trains, and they're quieter for both those on board the train and those living close to the railway.

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Race between emd gt18b #551 & emu | سباق القطارات || trains 2020 |قطارات 2020

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Plus, trains don't need to carry their own fuel and fuel is supplied through the overhead cables. Thus, this means the electric trains are lighter than diesel trains. According to...

Asked by: Charlie Giles, Maidstone. To date, the focus on electrification in the UK has been on marginally quicker journeys, but electric trains are also more reliable, quieter and cleaner. The more compact and efficient power units also allow 20 per cent more seats per train.

Generally, electric trains are quieter than diesel trains, because there is no diesel engine on board making noise. This may not be very noticeable at high speeds, but can be quite noticeable at low speeds or around yard or terminal areas, where locomotives may often idle for long periods of time with the engine running.

Electric trains crush diesel trains in just about every performance category. Even a modern high power unit with software limited performance operating on third rail will still leave almost all diesel units in the dust. And third rail is often attacked for being inferior to 25kV in performance and economics terms.

I'll put electric in room 101 just because they are very dependant, the other 2 can run happily on two pieces of parallel steel (minimal intrastructure) and to give diesel a boost, autonomous all day. Electric trains very impressive though, and on-board wifi is so much better than it was in 1900. 8d.

Electric locomotives are quiet compared to diesel locomotives since there is no engine and exhaust noise and less mechanical noise. The lack of reciprocating parts means electric locomotives are easier on the track, reducing track maintenance.

Electric trains that get their power from overhead wires are much quieter than regular diesel electric trains. (I live about 75 feet from the tracks so I’m an expert at train noises…) Most of noise really comes from the train’s bogies - the wheels and suspension units on the individual train cars.

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Compilation electric multiple unit (emu) by hyundai rotem southern suburbs of tunisia